Miracle is born, 1994. (Copyright Davals, 1994)

The White Buffalo prophecy may have begun to be fulfilled with the birth of Miracle on a Wisconsin farm in 1994. Miracle lived for ten years on same the Janesville farm. It is interesting to note that Miracle, the first pure white buffalo to be born since 1933, was cared for by the Heider Family – Dave, Valerie and Corey. A white family being the caretakers of such a sacred Native American symbol may seem ironic to some. However, White Buffalo Calf Woman said she would come again, and it would be a time of healing among all the races. What better symbol of healing could there be?

From the Miracle Website: The Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nations (known collectively as the Sioux) were considered Miracle’s primary spiritual guardians and she played a pivotal role in the fulfillment of their most revered prophecies. However, her place in the prophecies and beliefs of many tribes made her a highly sacred symbol to many of the American Indian Nations across the continent. She was seen by a vast number of people as a symbol of hope and renewal for humanity and for harmony between all peoples, all races, in our world today.

Although not American Indian, the Heider family came to view Miracle as a special gift which belonged to the hearts of all people. Commercialization was not allowed. They opened their farm to visitors free of charge seven days a week so that people could visit Miracle at the pasture fence. For safety reasons, visitors were not allowed into the pasture. Miracle was, after all, a wild buffalo as are the rest of the buffalo on the farm. Many people came to offer prayers in her presence, some came simply out of curiosity. Whatever their reason for visiting Miracle and this simple farm, thousands came and few people left unaffected by their time there….

Mitakuye Oyasin…. We Are All Related in the Sacred Hoop of Life.
May It Ever Be So.

– Chief Arvol Looking Horse
19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe