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Second Day of Auditions 13 December

Wrapping up the first day of auditions, and looking forward to tomorrow. The Rex Team saw many talented professionals, and lots of fresh, and energetic hopefuls.

Didn’t think we would be rolling as much tape, but there was so much worth while to capture. Thank you all for your enthusiasm for the project, and what youbrought to the audition process.

Most showed on time, and Rex was able to get people in on time and, amazingly, out on time. Hopefully, no one felt rushed. Thank you to new Rexers Tess Whittaker, and Recel Bregaudit for keeping Norvell, Sarah, Emile, and myself on perfect time.

The interviews for crew have been amazing. Generation Rex couldn’t be happier with the turnout and the quality of candidates.

NEWS Release
8 December 2008

Contact For Further Information: Sarah
Phone: 757-644-6708

Rex Motion Media Announces Auditions for Reality Series
Show to be Shot in Hampton Roads Now in Pre-Production

For Immediate Release. Virginia Beach, VA:

Lights! Camera! Tan! Hampton Roads-based REX Motion Media (RMM) announces auditions to be held this Friday for a half-hour reality series to be shot in and around Hampton Roads. The show is now in pre-production.

“We’re seeking fresh, energetic, young talent to cast in this new reality series,” says REX Motion Media President Norvell Rose. “It’s a fun and funny, PG look at the Hampton Roads tanning lifestyle.” Friday auditions take place at the REX Virginia Beach offices, and the company is considering men and women aged 18 – 30.

The crew is being assembled from top local technicians, and principal photography is set to begin January 2 throughout Hampton Roads.

Scheduled auditions will be at 1642 Pleasure House Road, suite 102, in Virginia Beach.

To schedule an audition or for further audition information, call Sarah at REX Motion Media: 757-644-6708.

– 30 –

Tough TimesThe best video clips are here

Virginia Beach Mayor Meyera Oberndorf’s campaign is quick-stepping toward November 4. The campaign continues it’s momentum, receiving it’s single largest contribution to date from Stihl Corporation.

REX Motion Media Video Profiles

REX On The Move is on the move!

Generation Rexers Norvell Rose, Ethan Marten (hey, that’s me!), Sarah Pope, Emile Husson and the whole A-Team of tech and production crew are now reassembled in their larger space, and beginning the third phase of hiring. Rex is in the process of augmenting with additional shooters and editors (hey, that’s you!).

REX has already created these unique situations:

Graduating more than forty Vpros ™ or Video Professionals ™ thus making them VideoActive ™; and setting up a Chesapeake brokerage with scores of quality video content, and its own internet television channel for real estate. Having launched in March of 2009, we believe it is the first in the United States. Armada Hoffler, Drucker & Falk and NFL Star Bruce Smith used Rex to move into the video age. Even the third largest builder in the United States — Centex — came to Rex.

From a global economic standpoint, we are reversing a trend. Rather than outsourcing, we are creating jobs and the template for Internet Television right here in Hampton Roads, Virginia. This is not a call center or a service outlet. These are real, creative, professional jobs.

e-mail if you are interested in becoming part of the Rex Motion Media team.

Dictater Tots — Like ’em or Die!

Go Ahead — Click My Portrait!

El Presidente General

Hola Amigos! It is I, your good friend and amigo, El Presidente General, etc., etc. I have been seeking political asylum in many boxes hidden in various attics for twenty-plus years. My company all these many anos has been other sketch, stand-up and improv comedy by Comedic License. Thanks (or curses) to You Tube, you may see more from Jerry Hedrick, Allison Parker Hedrick, Ralph Garner, and their one-time street urchin, Ethan Marten.

That’s right, been makin’ videos since the 80’s, and some of ’em are coming back to haunt me. This one courtesy of longtime friend, Jennifer Murdoch. Thought since Jen was kind enough to plaster this is all over You Tube — and — since my shallow attempt at maintaining a dignified Executive Producer, Story Developer, Serious Actor, and Technology Booster status is just all shot to pieces…I might as well fess up to it here. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

Actually, back in those days, I was a bit more, hmmn, naturally caffeinated. And, the amount of powdered sugar ingested doing El Presidente was enough to make my Comedic License cohorts seek their own asylum (though, we got a lot of mileage from El Presidente General, especially live, on stage). El Presidente wants his still loyal subjects to know he had as much fun improvising with them as they had with him. Hope you get a chuckle or two. Now, run right out to you supermarkets for your people — for your country…Viva La Me!

Play Real Estate Videos at Rex Net TV
Published by sellsius December 10th, 2007 in Real Estate Marketing and Video.

New Advancements in Internet Video From RexNet –
Smith’s Landing at Virginia Tech

December 6th, 2007 | Real Estate Video

New Advancements in Internet Video From RexNet – Smith’s Landing at Virginia Tech

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Can you say VideoActive tm.? I knew you could. Linda De La Zerda, Husband Alex, and DeBord Custom Homes President David DeBord can, too. They hit the set — De Bord’s 9557 27th Bay Street in Norfolk’s new East Beach sidewalk community early this a.m., and never looked back. These guys came prepared, and naturally caffeinated. Man, just wind ’em up, and let ’em go! What a pleasure. The sun wasn’t cooperating — so we’ll do some exterior pickups this weekend. Yeah, this is a real production, folks. This isn’t hit and run with a shaky hand held. I’m paraphrasing Ms. De La Zerda, but I think it’s fair to say; Hey, you guys really work. This is much harder than I thought, but you make it fun, too. Yep, I hear that a lot. A lesson learned long ago from my baseball-playing brother, Seth. If it’s difficult — make it look easy. Thanks, bro’. The fun part, well, that’s me and Norvell! Okay, Video Property Video shot….

Then it was across Hampton Roads to the second location, Cahoon Plantation, a golf community in Chesapeake. We hit the grille for a late lunch, and strategy session. Linda and Alex know who they are, and brought it to the set for the afternoon. The sun broke through the snow clouds! Lunch is cut short, and we hit the links for some quick exteriors! They were joined by Golf Pro Brad Solis. Solis gave a rather rousing testimonial for Linda, Alex and their “Care Team.”

We wound it up at the Clubhouse. This was a long day, and the De La Zerda’s were troupers. They got it, though. It really is fantastic when you know the Realtors “get it” and know what they are going to do with it. When edited — these will yield five individual videos to exploit for their buyer’s, sellers’, and builders’ benefits.

Oh, and we squeezed in a cover shoot for the January issue of Hampton Roads Realtor Association’s Realtor Magazine. Great output. Great footage. Great day.

Here’s a Nice Getaway in Sandbridge

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Presenting More Free Networking Opps

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Bruce Smith Tackles Real Estate with! This morning, Norvell and I were at Armada Hoffler with Danya Bushey shooting Hokie Alum and NFL Superstar Bruce Smith. Bruce is presenting Smith’s Landing, a brand new luxury apartment community opening Fall Semester 2008 in Blacksburg. Virginia Techies never had it so good!

Bruce was kind, and courteous behind the scenes. In front of the camera he was equally stellar. To top it off, I got to have another catch on set — nothing unusual for me (Norvell’s cool, but I’ve given many other directors heartburn with the practice). This time I got to play with someone who can really catch. Nice spiral Bruce! The piece will be edited soon, and we’ll post for your pleasure. Go Hokies!

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Diane Keeley and Team join

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Talk about your VideoActive! Another full day of shooting today.  Tuesday and Wednesday are chock full of Agent Profile Videos as well.  Thursday will be devoted to edits, and Friday down to North Carolina for another Video Property Tour. is becoming the all-night diner of real estate!

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