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REX (In) Motion Media

Cool Stuff. Rex Motion Media Team has been in constant motion these last two weeks.

Shooting for major banking institutions in Hampton Roads, Viginia this past week. Then we gathered for another all day event this morning. In a couple of hours Norvell Rose, Sarah Pope and I prep, and hit the friendly skies for a three day Charleston marathon. Actually, been writing and scouting for the last two weeks!

Back to home base Thursday, and another all day shoot this Friday. Aw shoot – gotta love it.

Hoping the weather holds for some fantastic beauty shots.

“Sharper than a serpent’s tooth is the tongue of an ungrateful child….” A Jane Austen quote — one of my Mom’s favorites. I heard it quite often….Okay, I’ll elaborate later, but for today I have made a promise to Mom — who happens to be celebrating her 85th today. This confession is less to her, since she reminds me of it with a frequency so high I can find it on my old black and white analogue television dial, but more to you, whoever you may be. So this might be a bit more coercion than confession. Whatever this is, I promised Ma I’d do it — so — here it goes.

Mom’s a rather accomplished author; written more than twenty novels. Before that, a top writer of short stories, and even one of the biggest confession writers way back when. Muggs (one of her many nicknames — came from the Bowery Boys) was juggling Sixteen publications at one time plus a live radio show out of New York. However, this ungrateful child (that would be me) was less than appreciative of her worthy talents. (Here’s the confession) I was much more impressed by Matt Butcher’s Mom, who made shell boxes. Yeah. Shell boxes. I was eight and thought THOSE were cool. Anybody could write a story….Besides, when Mom started writing, she disappeared. Physically, she was there, but spiritually, she was on another planet. I remember once, after school, coming in front of her and her Smith Corona and just watching her for an hour — typing away like someone truly in another dimension. From only one foot away I called out so loudly I could have woken my neighbor. She looked up as if hearing someone she recognized from a distance and was shocked to see me standing in front of her. Mom would research a book for up to a year, but once she started writing, she could write up to thirty pages a day! Anyway, I digress.

Mom — I am most humbled, and do apologize for suggesting shell boxes might be both more lucrative and cool. Mission accomplished. I’ll say two Hail Moishes and call you in the morning. Happy Birthday. Love, E. Photobucket

I had come to appreciate Mom’s talents by the time this Atlanta Journal Constitution Review was printed. In fact, I was even handling her marketing.

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REX On The Move is on the move!

Generation Rexers Norvell Rose, Ethan Marten (hey, that’s me!), Sarah Pope, Emile Husson and the whole A-Team of tech and production crew are now reassembled in their larger space, and beginning the third phase of hiring. Rex is in the process of augmenting with additional shooters and editors (hey, that’s you!).

REX has already created these unique situations:

Graduating more than forty Vpros ™ or Video Professionals ™ thus making them VideoActive ™; and setting up a Chesapeake brokerage with scores of quality video content, and its own internet television channel for real estate. Having launched in March of 2009, we believe it is the first in the United States. Armada Hoffler, Drucker & Falk and NFL Star Bruce Smith used Rex to move into the video age. Even the third largest builder in the United States — Centex — came to Rex.

From a global economic standpoint, we are reversing a trend. Rather than outsourcing, we are creating jobs and the template for Internet Television right here in Hampton Roads, Virginia. This is not a call center or a service outlet. These are real, creative, professional jobs.

e-mail if you are interested in becoming part of the Rex Motion Media team.

New Advancements in Internet Video From RexNet –
Smith’s Landing at Virginia Tech

December 6th, 2007 | Real Estate Video

New Advancements in Internet Video From RexNet – Smith’s Landing at Virginia Tech

Read Tom Royce’s Blog

Can you say VideoActive tm.? I knew you could. Linda De La Zerda, Husband Alex, and DeBord Custom Homes President David DeBord can, too. They hit the set — De Bord’s 9557 27th Bay Street in Norfolk’s new East Beach sidewalk community early this a.m., and never looked back. These guys came prepared, and naturally caffeinated. Man, just wind ’em up, and let ’em go! What a pleasure. The sun wasn’t cooperating — so we’ll do some exterior pickups this weekend. Yeah, this is a real production, folks. This isn’t hit and run with a shaky hand held. I’m paraphrasing Ms. De La Zerda, but I think it’s fair to say; Hey, you guys really work. This is much harder than I thought, but you make it fun, too. Yep, I hear that a lot. A lesson learned long ago from my baseball-playing brother, Seth. If it’s difficult — make it look easy. Thanks, bro’. The fun part, well, that’s me and Norvell! Okay, Video Property Video shot….

Then it was across Hampton Roads to the second location, Cahoon Plantation, a golf community in Chesapeake. We hit the grille for a late lunch, and strategy session. Linda and Alex know who they are, and brought it to the set for the afternoon. The sun broke through the snow clouds! Lunch is cut short, and we hit the links for some quick exteriors! They were joined by Golf Pro Brad Solis. Solis gave a rather rousing testimonial for Linda, Alex and their “Care Team.”

We wound it up at the Clubhouse. This was a long day, and the De La Zerda’s were troupers. They got it, though. It really is fantastic when you know the Realtors “get it” and know what they are going to do with it. When edited — these will yield five individual videos to exploit for their buyer’s, sellers’, and builders’ benefits.

Oh, and we squeezed in a cover shoot for the January issue of Hampton Roads Realtor Association’s Realtor Magazine. Great output. Great footage. Great day.

Just coming back from lunch break with an old friend, the man who wrote the book on Flash, David Stiller. No really, go to your local bookstore and buy Foundation Flash CS3 for Designers, authored written by Dave, and Tom Green.

We dined on sushi, and over green tea ou far-ranging discussion touched on everything from friends and family to why video is revolutionizing the Internet. Putting the Revolution aside for a moment the conversation zeroed in on bean counting, and, why Turkish coffee is so good — especially when made with Kopi Luwak Coffee. MMMmmm, apparently Civets make the best coffee. These cat/monkies really swing. We’ll continue the conversation and bring you the latest poop for your amusement in the near future!

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Inman News:


“ rolls out new features
Agents can now enhance listings with videos, more photos….

Welcome to the party boys and girls.

Why We Love Dramatic Prairie Dog

The Dramatic Praire Dog Long Play offers the viewer the chance to capture this magnificent performance in all its glory, for a full minute, without having to risk carpal tunnel; and the many tributes and re-edits are a fine testimony. However, there is nothing like the impact of the original with its powerful performance, distinguished direction, and cunning camera work. I give you the one, the only, the original — Dramatic Prairie Dog.

I’ve worked with Academy Award Winning Actors, Directors and Producers. This little guy belongs in their league. He explodes off the screen with charisma, machismo, and yes, untamed talent. I dare you to remain in a foul mood after viewing this prairie canine!

Humberto J. Gettys InterviewPhotobucket – Video and Image Hosting

Peruvian-Born Actor/Playwright, Humberto Gettys, recently played one of the Principal Characters (Detective Escobar) in Star Circle Picture’s new movie Samaritan. Gettys wrote Mama’s Boys which has just had its first staged reading and was produced by Art Group in New York City. He is currently writing a screenplay dealing with homelessness. Humberto relocated from New York to Virginia Beach last year. He accompanied his sister-in-law, who was pregnant at the time with his nephew, while his brother served in Iraq. What was supposed to be a temporary stay ended up a permanent move.

Ethan Marten: So one day you’re a New York City Actor/Playwright, and next thing you know you’re in Virginia Beach, Virginia. What happened?

Humberto Gettys: Well, I was born in Lima Peru and raised here in the United States. I was already well traveled. I grew up in a military family — moving from state to state. My family still lives in Southern California. That’s where I caught the acting bug, and I haven’t been able to shake it.
EM: You had the acting bug, graduated high school in Southern California, and —

HG: Enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, served four years as a Telecommunications Specialist and attended school part-time at Chapman University.
EM: How do you go from acting bug to Marines?

HG: That could be my next screenplay. I wanted to serve my country, and it gave me a chance to gain some needed perspective.

EM: At what point did you think acting might be a better career choice than the Marines?

HG: I was ready by the time my service was up.

EM: Then what?

HG: Shortly after leaving the Marines I became serious about acting and moved to New York.
EM: What did you do when you first got there?

HG: Years training, auditioning, working survival jobs, auditioning and working in all aspects of the industry. From stage-managing, to acting in coffee shops, back alleys,
EM: Back alleys? What was your best back alley performance?

HG: I could show you now, but you might need your wallet later!
EM: A toughguy, huh?

G: Nah. How much you got in your wallet, anyway?

EM: Never mind that. You’re more versatile than I thought! This is the part where we swipe some of your luster for Samaritan by bragging about what else you’ve been in. What were some of your credits?

HG: Lots of off and off/off-off Broadway, television from extra to principal roles…Sopranos, Law & Order S.V.U., Independent and Feature films, and Commercials both in New York City and Washington D.C.
EM: Any good stories from the Sopranos or S.V.U.?

HG: None I can say here.

EM: C’mon, this is practically cable. You can add some later when you see this on the DiaBlog.

HG: DiaBlog? You think of that?

EM: I’m a tad cleverer than I look. Not much, though.

HG: That’s pretty good.

EM: You must have hit a soap in the Big Apple. C’mon, we have a bunch of people whose guilty pleasure can be satiated right here. Fess up!

HG: How can you be so sure?

EM: I’ve got your resume. This is a loaded deck Humberto. C’mon give!

HG: Guiding Light.
EM: You made a lot of people very happy. Now don’t you feel better?

HG: As long as people feel better. Besides, I was happy for the work. People make fun of soap actors, but it is a lot of work, and very difficult to do well.
EM: True. We kid, because we love. What do you do when you’re not performing?

HG: Reading, running, writing, taking care of my little nephew and actively participating in my church.

EM: You seem to put your actions behind your words.

HG: I started a Homeless Outreach Ministry (Romans 10:9-10).

EM: Impressive. I thought those were box scores. “Romans are up two games on Boston and tied with the Yankees in the American League East! Seriously, you are one incredible human being. You spend Sunday mornings picking up and dropping off the homeless bringing them to church and preparing and delivering lunches.

HG: I minister to the homeless and needy at the oceanfront area on a weekly basis. It has been a passion of mine to help the needy and homeless both while living in New York City and here in Virginia Beach. I was totally into the Samaritan story dealing with the main character being homeless. (I still believe he was an Angel.)

EM: That’s an actor’s choice, but we just don’t know who or what Victor the Samaritan is. How was your experience on Samaritan?

HG: I enjoyed working with all the cast & crew of Star Circle Pictures. My agent, Karen Whitlow-Jones of Atlantic Talent submitted me for the part of Detective Crawford, which was originally created for a non-Latino.

EM: Crawford isn’t a Latino name? Actually, Crawford was a Yiddish character. His real real name was Mascowitz, but they changed his grandfather’s name at Ellis Island.

HG: You’re kidding me.

EM: Absolutely. Actually, Kimball (Kimball Carr, the director) and I were so pleased with your performance at audition we knew what we had to do.

HG: Thanks.
EM: Ya. We have to convert you, and change your name to Mascowitz!

HG: That may present some difficulty.

EM: You can still do outreach — might just have to add Saturdays.

HG: That’s cool.

EM: So are you. We were lucky when we cast you and rewrote the part into Detective Escobar Mr. Gettys.

HG: I was really honored you had so much confidence in me as an actor to not only cast me but also to change the character to a Latino.

EM: The honor was ours. You were outstanding on screen and to work with — you owned the role.

HG: Everyone was so courteous and professional — from my fellow actors to all the crew. Kimball, you and your brother Richard–the whole Star Circle Pictures team–were all so encouraging, and motivating in getting the best performances out of all of us. I am proud being a part of motion picture history.
EM: Yup, that’s pretty cool!

HG: We made the first movie in the world with the Panasonic AG-HVX200 HD camera. Everything went so smoothly on the set and everyone was so loyal, professional and dedicated to this project. I even received a free haircut and chiropractic adjustment!

EM: Kim and Michael Rizzo were great with hair and makeup. Everyone looked great on camera, and was out on time. Highly recommend them for any shoot. Then there was Dr. Dan Cohen, The Rock Doc!

HG: This is usually back breaking — not healing! I would love to work with Star Circle Pictures again and look forward future projects.

EM: You’re a class act Humberto. You would be a welcome addition on any set.
HG: Thanks.

Panel Discussion on Independent Movies

Heads Up!

Star Circle Pictures is demonstrating creativity in its production techniques and innovative ways of producing independent movies. Here’s an invite put out by the Virginia Production Alliance, and co-hosted by the Virginia Film Office. If you happen to be in the neighborhood April 11….



Hear a panel of international producers and view a micro motion picture made with tomorrow’s technology! Virginia Beach-based Star Circle Pictures will give a sneak peek of Samaritan, a featurette which was the first movie to be shot with Panasonic’s new AG-HVX-200 Camera. The panel will discuss a creative Indie model for producing motion pictures without use of video tape or film stock, opening a way for more independent productions.

WHEN: Tuesday, April 11, 2006
6:30 – 7:00 p.m. Social
7:00 – 8:15 VPA Update, Panel, Screening
8:15 – 8:45 Q &A

WHERE: REGENT UNIVERSITY Communication & Performing Arts Center – Screening Room A
(Off I-64, take the 286B/Indian River Road East Exit. Pass the Founders Inn, turn right onto Centerville Turnpike
then right onto CBN Center Drive at the guard house. Turn left into the Communication Center parking lot.)

ADMISSION: $5.00 for Nonmembers. FREE for VPA members, Regent students, faculty and staff.
You may join at the event and become a member through 2006. Student $15.00; Individual $40.00; Corporate $125

RESERVATIONS: Virginia Film Office at 800-854-6233 or e-mail with name,
number in party and your telephone and e-mail address.

Panelists include Star Circle Pictures producer RICHARD S. MARTEN , who has an extensive background in entertainment and general corporate law. In 1985, he oversaw the establishment of Atlantic Film Studios, Virginia’s first motion picture production facility which is now home to New Dominion Pictures. Author of two original screenplays, Richard is a principal in Trans-Pacific Partners, Ltd., a company engaged in facilitating technology transfer and trade between the United States and China. KIMBALL CARR, with a background in writing and graphic design, founded the publishing firm, Armageddon Press. He entered video via training videos and interactive productions. Kimball has continued as a writer, editor, producer of shorts and feature-length movies. Most recently, he wrote and directed Samaritan, the breakthrough HD micro feature. Star Circle Pictures CFO JONATHAN GUION has extensive financial and administrative experience, owns a commercial real estate brokerage company, develops commercial and investment properties and manages a list of successful development and investment partnerships. Samaritan star JOHNNY ALONSO graduated N.Y.U.’s Actor’s Studio, guest starred on Homicide, was the only actor to segue from a recurring role on Dawson’s Creek to One Tree Hill, and joins us from the shoot of Blu with Orlando Bloom and Robert DeNiro. Star Circle Pictures producer ETHAN E. MARTEN, will moderate the panel. Ethan has appeared on screen with Jason Robards, Jose Ferrar and Whoopi Goldberg. He co-founded OnStage Magazine, a Norfolk-based arts and entertainment monthly, co-founded 2nd Story Theatre, and was VP of Marketing for Atlantic Films. JIM JENSEN, Southeast Sales Manager for PANASONIC, will provide technical expertise regarding the AG-HVX-200, with its tapeless technology that provides instant viewing. The camera was leased to Star Circle for shooting in January, before it was on the market. Star Circle achieved 81 set-ups in two nights of shooting with the AG-HVX-200 — a mammoth task achieved on time and on budget. According to Digital Filmmaker, If that had been a Hollywood shoot, it would have cost 100 times that much.

PRODUCERS and DIRECTORS take note! Space is limited. RESERVE your place now through the Virginia Film Office, 800-854-6233 or e-mail

Marty Terry, Chair
Virginia Production Alliance – Hampton Roads
VPA Hotline: 1-888-523-1043