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Beach Balls. #juggling #vabeach #summer

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OCEANFRONT — Eyes of the Roshi, an independent film shot this past year in Virginia Beach and Knotts Island, N.C., is nearing completion, and a screening may be in the works for Virginia Beach within the next six months.

“We’ve got a tight film,” said Ethan Marten, an actor and producer who runs Light Age Films, during an interview on Thursday, Feb. 11, at his home at the Oceanfront.

“It should be ready for exhibition by the end of March,” he said, meaning the action drama would be shown to those who might acquired and distribute it.

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Stacy Whittle (right) as one of her many characters in Molotov Theatre Group's Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe.  Whittle is 2015 nominee for Best Supporting Actress in the Broadway World Washington, DC Theatre Awards.

Stacy Whittle (right) playing one of her many characters in Molotov Theatre Group’s Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe. Whittle is 2015 nominee for Best Supporting Actress in the Broadway World Washington, DC Theatre Awards.

Stacy Whittle a busy working actor. She plays Sandy opposite Eric Roberts (Booker) in the Light Age Films production of Eyes of the Roshi. The film is due out this Spring. Now she is nominated for her stage work, having played multiple roles in Molotov Theatre Group’s production of Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe.

Those wishing to show their support for this exceptional actress can vote now.

The votes will be tallied through December 31. Winners will be announced in January!

Stacy Whittle (Sandy) with Eric Roberts (Booker) in the Light Age Films motion picture, Eyes of the Roshi

Stacy Whittle (Sandy) with Eric Roberts (Booker) in the Light Age Films motion picture, Eyes of the Roshi

Lots of Love on This Set….

While shooting Eyes of the Roshi our cast was joined during week two by Eric Roberts. Eric has portrayed characters in more than 300 motion pictures. Some have earned him some wisecracks and smart ass comments, and others have earned him accolades, and Academy Award nominations.

He was both intense and laid back; demanding and easy-going; but mostly, a joy to have on set. He liked things a certain way – done right. Not a bad thing to strive for. His sense of humor was constant, and his generosity on set to his fellow actors was witnessed time and again.

Midway through the shoot, he turned to me and said; “I want to be part of your rep company.” This after doing a scene, and thinking; I would really like this experience to continue into the future. “I’ll send you a script,” he said. Uh-huh…sure you will….

Shortly after wrap while working on Post Production…we received this little gem from Eric Roberts. Looking forward to it, and many more. #Happy4th #ScriptTease #LightAgeFilmsRepCompany

Roshi Trailer Hits First 1,000 Views

Light Age Films releases the newest trailer for its Fall schedule – Eyes of the Roshi.

Eyes of the Roshi - Coming Soon

We’ve got our first big (mini, actually) star endorsement! Ladies and gentlemen, Fresh off his appearances on ABC, Huffington Post, and a nap, Eyes of the Roshi is proud to have the approval of Pickle the Ice Cream-Eating Potbelly Pig!

We've got our first big (mini, actually) star endorsement! Ladies and gentlemen, Fresh off his appearances on ABC,…

Posted by Eyes of the Roshi on Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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Seems that Eyes of the Roshi Cast Member Nick Lakey is a street magician and performing mentalist. Enjoy some of his early experiments in magic and street performance here!

Our cast and crew are multi-talented. Here is a young Nick Lakey doing some prestidigitation. Enjoy.

Posted by Eyes of the Roshi on Saturday, June 27, 2015

Roshi Magic with Nick Lakey!

This was shot during a five minute break in shooting Eyes of the Roshi. Can’t stop listening. Hope you enjoy it as much as the Producer ;-)

#EricRoberts #MickeyRourke #PopeOfGreenwhichVillage EyesOfTheRoshi_film

There was still a bit of a nip in the air this last Sunday night, but it was offset by the warm glow from seeing #HonestAbe all lit up along the Potomac in his #memorial. It is still thrilling to see some of these sites.


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Daniel Craig’s portrayal of Ian Fleming’s James Bond rekindles childhood memories of double bills at the Larchmont Playhouse, New Rochelle Mall, and the Mamaroneck Playhouse: Dr.No; From Russia With Love; Goldfinger; and Thunderball. I’m feeling that same excitement from the latest trailer. Here is the latest Bond film, Spectre. Looks like childhood will be a running theme.

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The following is a Statement Of Prayer Gathering To Pray Again With The Buffalo Nation, Pte Oyate, by Arvol Looking Horse, the 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe

“Today, we stand on this sacred site; the ground where our relatives, the Pte Oyate, have chosen to bring the renewal of life.

“Many, many generations ago, our relatives, the buffalo emerged from Wind Cave in the Black Hills; the heart of Unci Maka (the Earth) and prepared the way for our existence. From that time forward, they saw to our survival.

“They taught us how to live in an honorable way, by example and through the teachings of the White Buffalo Calf Woman. She brought the Sacred Pipe to remind us of our responsibilities and also the rituals that are necessary to discipline ourselves. From the buffalo, we learned to have an honorable kinship with Unci Maka. They knew Unci and carefully tended to her health. For that reason, we hold them to be sacred.

“We co-existed in a good way until we were nearly decimated. Ob unkasotapi tka. The sacred buffalo in these mountains are the survivors. We are culturally and spiritually indebted to them and we still need their guidance, to remind us how to be at peace with Unci Maka. Let it be known that the habitat of the wild buffalo is sacred ground, a SACRED SITE for the Lakota, for all native people, and for all humanity who hold reverence for Creation.

“We are here once again to pray for the Pte Oyate, the four-legged relatives that have perished in Yellowstone and for the little ones are born here into suffering. We pray for those that cause this needless death and suffering.

“We pray that they can accept the wisdom that we cannot turn away from; the wisdom that Pte Oyate is very essential to the wellbeing of Unci Maka and that the two-legged ones must respect and work with the Natural Laws of Unci Maka.

“We must pray for Unci Maka, who has been seriously wounded by this violence. We must pray for the healing of the human spirit.

“We give wopila; thanks for the relatives and the newly born that have survived. We give wopila and ask for tunkasila’s blessings for all those that gather here today, for the people who have woksape, the wisdom of the Earth and have stood with our relatives for many, many cold winters. We are deeply grateful for all of your efforts and ask for your continued help.

“We, the two-legged and four-legged Pte Oyate, the Buffalo Nation call upon all relatives to prepare for a gathering. We call for this Buffalo Summit during the Fall 2009, to put our hearts and our minds and our spirits together on behalf of our relatives in distress.

“With deepest respect for the challenges of leadership, we call upon another relative, President Barrack Obama, to join us to begin shaping a Nation-to-Nation agreement for the Yellowstone buffalo. Such an agreement would not come easy nor can it be reached in one discussion, but we invite him to sit with us to begin an honorable Nation-to-Nation consultation process. Great things can be achieved when good spirits come together in honor.

“Ho hecetu welo. Mitakuye Oyas’in (All My Relations)”

Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Nobody Gets Out of Paradox City

Light Age Films presents….

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Releasing Soon – The Dream Machine

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