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For Immediate Release

Contact: Ethan Marten
James R. Johnson

Virginia Beach, VA, August 26, 2009 – The crew that brought you Tanners Point and the MTV top five finalist of the Pepsi Rock Band Video Contest, are at it again. Fresh off their three awards from last year’s festival, the producers from Two Peppers Productions were just informed their motion picture, “Dead Men,” shot on location in Virginia is an official selection of the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (NYIIFVF).

“It took the talents of three Hampton Roads production companies to bring “Dead Men” to life,” says Producer Ethan Marten. The suspense thriller was executed by Screenwriter George Smith of Future Tense Productions. Smith brought on director Scott Hansen, who’d recently worked with Willie Nelson. “To produce, engineer and edit, Future Tense knew of only one production company to help keep our future secure,” Smith says, “Wade Harrington and James R. Johnson of Two Peppers Productions.”


“The energy of crafting a story for the screen from the chaos of pre-production is exhilarating,” says editor Wade Harrington of Two Peppers Productions. “Dead Men had a lively team of all star talent in front of and behind the cameras to pull it off.”

Do “Dead Men” tell tales good enough to bring back awards from New York? If Marten’s track record is any indication, this newest Pepper’s on a hot streak, his production companies have garnered five awards from his last three festivals. “Great story, great cast, great production value from the crew,” according to Johnson, “Dead Men has winner written all over it”

Work hits too close to home for funeral home attendant Doug when his fiancée uses his gun to kill herself on the graveyard shift. Unable to call the police for appearance of foul play, Doug turns to his coworkers Jay and Steve for help. But as complications arise and tensions escalate, Doug’s friends are forced to look death in the face and confront the possibility they may have more to fear from Doug than from the cops. “Dead Men” stars Maxx Hennard, Jay Gates and Frank Edwards.

The Dead Men shooting schedule began summer 2008 and will have its world premiere during the week long New York festival beginning October 22nd. Virginia Beach native, Jay Gates is a headlining comedian who offers up a terrific dramatic performance for “Dead Men”. Maxx Hennard, who is receiving thumbs up reviews for his work in Sorority Row (Summit Entertainment, September 11, 2009) and Dear John (Screen Gems, February 2010), turns in a great performance as the grieving fiancée.

Life doesn’t end there for “Dead Men”. Two Peppers is in negotiations with distributors for limited theatrical release and worldwide broadcast rights.

Second Day of Auditions 13 December

Wrapping up the first day of auditions, and looking forward to tomorrow. The Rex Team saw many talented professionals, and lots of fresh, and energetic hopefuls.

Didn’t think we would be rolling as much tape, but there was so much worth while to capture. Thank you all for your enthusiasm for the project, and what youbrought to the audition process.

Most showed on time, and Rex was able to get people in on time and, amazingly, out on time. Hopefully, no one felt rushed. Thank you to new Rexers Tess Whittaker, and Recel Bregaudit for keeping Norvell, Sarah, Emile, and myself on perfect time.

The interviews for crew have been amazing. Generation Rex couldn’t be happier with the turnout and the quality of candidates.

NEWS Release
8 December 2008

Contact For Further Information: Sarah
Phone: 757-644-6708

Rex Motion Media Announces Auditions for Reality Series
Show to be Shot in Hampton Roads Now in Pre-Production

For Immediate Release. Virginia Beach, VA:

Lights! Camera! Tan! Hampton Roads-based REX Motion Media (RMM) announces auditions to be held this Friday for a half-hour reality series to be shot in and around Hampton Roads. The show is now in pre-production.

“We’re seeking fresh, energetic, young talent to cast in this new reality series,” says REX Motion Media President Norvell Rose. “It’s a fun and funny, PG look at the Hampton Roads tanning lifestyle.” Friday auditions take place at the REX Virginia Beach offices, and the company is considering men and women aged 18 – 30.

The crew is being assembled from top local technicians, and principal photography is set to begin January 2 throughout Hampton Roads.

Scheduled auditions will be at 1642 Pleasure House Road, suite 102, in Virginia Beach.

To schedule an audition or for further audition information, call Sarah at REX Motion Media: 757-644-6708.

– 30 –

Tough TimesThe best video clips are here

REX Motion Media Video Profiles

Well, here we go again. For the second time REX MotionMedia has topped’s Top 5 Videos of the Week.

Here’s the story in

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REX On The Move is on the move!

Generation Rexers Norvell Rose, Ethan Marten (hey, that’s me!), Sarah Pope, Emile Husson and the whole A-Team of tech and production crew are now reassembled in their larger space, and beginning the third phase of hiring. Rex is in the process of augmenting with additional shooters and editors (hey, that’s you!).

REX has already created these unique situations:

Graduating more than forty Vpros ™ or Video Professionals ™ thus making them VideoActive ™; and setting up a Chesapeake brokerage with scores of quality video content, and its own internet television channel for real estate. Having launched in March of 2009, we believe it is the first in the United States. Armada Hoffler, Drucker & Falk and NFL Star Bruce Smith used Rex to move into the video age. Even the third largest builder in the United States — Centex — came to Rex.

From a global economic standpoint, we are reversing a trend. Rather than outsourcing, we are creating jobs and the template for Internet Television right here in Hampton Roads, Virginia. This is not a call center or a service outlet. These are real, creative, professional jobs.

e-mail if you are interested in becoming part of the Rex Motion Media team.

New Advancements in Internet Video From RexNet –
Smith’s Landing at Virginia Tech

December 6th, 2007 | Real Estate Video

New Advancements in Internet Video From RexNet – Smith’s Landing at Virginia Tech

Read Tom Royce’s Blog

Here’s a Nice Getaway in Sandbridge

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Bruce Smith Tackles Real Estate with! This morning, Norvell and I were at Armada Hoffler with Danya Bushey shooting Hokie Alum and NFL Superstar Bruce Smith. Bruce is presenting Smith’s Landing, a brand new luxury apartment community opening Fall Semester 2008 in Blacksburg. Virginia Techies never had it so good!

Bruce was kind, and courteous behind the scenes. In front of the camera he was equally stellar. To top it off, I got to have another catch on set — nothing unusual for me (Norvell’s cool, but I’ve given many other directors heartburn with the practice). This time I got to play with someone who can really catch. Nice spiral Bruce! The piece will be edited soon, and we’ll post for your pleasure. Go Hokies!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Diane Keeley and Team join

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

As Featured in Digital Producer

Star Circle Pictures Principals Carr, Marten Talk Samaritan and P2
Studio’s P2 lensed movie wins award at NYIIFV Festival

Star Circle Pictures’ Samaritan, the company’s entry into the 2006 New York International and Independent Film & Video Festival won an award for Best Suspense Short Film Genre. What is notable, in addition to a good story, is the film’s use of the Panasonic, P2-based AG-HVX200 camera. Read More

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Just announced today by New York International Independent Film and Video Festival
“SAMARITAN” wins Best Suspense Short!  Kimball Carr nominated for Best Director!

Festival summit ..

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Film Focus
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Best suspense movies at NYIIFVF
NYIIFV Festival wrapped eight days of film screenings, world premieres, industry panels and after-parties November 16. The festival, known as “the voice of independent film,” will showcased more than 225 international and domestic features, shorts, documentaries and animations.
Star Circle Pictures (SCP) has won the award for BEST SUSPENSE SHORT for the N.Y. premiere of “SAMARITAN” at its 2006 festival.

Best suspense movies at NYIIFVF
November 30, 2006

The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (NYIIFVF) proudly announces Star Circle Pictures (SCP) has won the award for BEST SUSPENSE SHORT for the N.Y. premiere of “SAMARITAN” at its 2006 festival.

NYIIFVF is passionate about exposing films and documentaries of emerging filmmakers from all over the globe,” says NYIIFV Festival Executive Director and Founder Stuart Alson. “Star Circle Pictures had demonstrated it’s skill with new technologies, being the first in the World to complete a movie with the Panasonic AG HVX-200 High Definition Camera. More importantly, with ‘SAMARITAN’ SCP demonstrates it’s skill at telling a compelling story.” Writer/Director Kimball Carr had also been nominated for BEST DIRECTOR.

“Though new technologies are rattling the foundations of cinematic self-expression,” SCP Producer Ethan Marten says, “story will always be King, and Star Circle Pictures its loyal subject – no matter how much we love those technologies. We are proud to be receiving both Kimball’s Best Director nomination and this Award for BEST SUSPENSE.”

NYIIFV Festival wrapped eight days of film screenings, world premieres, industry panels and after-parties November 16. The festival, known as “the voice of independent film,” will showcased more than 225 international and domestic features, shorts, documentaries and animations.
NYIIFV is the place to have your projects seen and reviewed by the best of the best,” comments Editor Dave Sardella (Micro Cinema Magazine). “This world-renowned festival can be the launching pad to a successful career for aspiring directors and producers. Executive Producer of NYIIFVF Mr. Stuart Alson comments, “We were excited about our line-up of films and filmmakers from all over the world. The festival represents a new wave of independent filmmakers and offers a unique opportunity for members of the film industry.
With Samaritan “Star Circle Pictures is remaking moviemaking,” according to Adam Penenberg of Fast Company Magazine. This High Definition motion picture is reminiscent of classic Twilight Zone – suspenseful and dramatic. “SAMARITAN” explores why we fear what we do not understand, and that maybe mankind must accept “that the truth may not be what we want it to be.”

“No film was used to make Samaritan. No tape. It was shot straight onto

memory cards and editing began on set,” says SCP Producer Ethan Marten. “When wrapped — after two nights and 81 set ups — Samaritan was already in a rough cut form having never left our possession.”
For all interview, feature, review requests and more information on the upcoming NYIIFVF, please contact Briege Mc Garrity at 917 783 4042 or via email at or Nicole Holland at or by telephone at 702-361-1430. Media credentials can be obtained by faxing a request to 702-361-6309 on company letterhead no later than November 1, 2006. A Press Credential form and complete film program is available online in the press room section of
ABOUT NYIIFVF: The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival was founded in 1993 by entertainment impresario Stuart Alson and is recognized as the largest competitive independent film event in the world. Passionate about exposing the films and documentaries of emerging filmmakers from all over the globe, NYIIFVF is a unique platform for emerging and established filmmakers to network and screen their work. in the hope of getting exposure and a distribution deal. Past festivals have included the work of Calista Flockhart, Cameron Diaz, Eva Herzigova, Guy Pearce, George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston, Rod Steiger, Sean Lennon, Tippi Hedren, Willem Dafoe and Vin Diesel. Indie guru Abel Ferrara famously quoted in MovieMaker, “This festival is the real deal: Everybody else just talks about doing it, these guys just do it!”

The Cinema Lounge at Gardel’s in Baltimore presents “Samaritan.”
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Baltimore Premiere was hosted by La Familia de Alonso in the Historic Gardel’s. 
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This beautiful 19th Century building (circa 1869) is practically a studio in and of itself, and the after party can be held downstairs where the best Tango dancers come from all over the East to show their stuff.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If you are fortunate enough to screen at this venue you will be greeted by an enthusiastic assembly of producers, directors, actors, teachers, financiers, family and film folk.  On behalf of the “Samaritan” cast and crew, and the whole Star Circle Pictures Family I would like to extend our thanks and appreciation for all the effort that went into making the Baltimore Premiere a success.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
That’s Al Ghanekar (actor), Kevin Mayberry (actor), Lisamarie Holte (actress, recently made an appearance in Flags of Our Fathers), and Robert G. Christie (Director, The Sobbing Stone), and me.

Thanks to Gardel’s, Johnny Alonso and his family, Stacie and Black Ink Films for this wonderful event.  Thank you as well to all the the attendees.  You made the trip worth while.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Ethan, Actor Kevin Tan, and Producer Stacie Jones

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Ethan and Balck Ink Films’ Producer Stacie Jones

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Pam Good and Sheri Beyrau on the way downtown.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The fans demand; “Free the Birds.”  This might have been one of the highlights — an army of Baltimore Oriole Fans marched down the waterfront chanting for a change in ownership. 

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Who are we  to deny the Baltimore Fans?  Pam took the picture, Johnny, Sheri and I hit the Baltimore Waterfront.  Sheri was observing and chronicling, Johnny ordered the tapas in fluent Spanish.  The conversation steered from acting from acting to travel.  From as far back as Greek Theatre chorus members were heard to say; “It’s better to be typecast than not to be cast at all….” to our favorite places to voyage — Greece, China and Portugal.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
What Star Circle Pictures won’t do for its own. 
“Samaritan” Star Johnny Alonso catches a ride across the screening room! 

If you have photos from that evening — we will be happy to post them.  Please send as j-peg with photo id’s and photo bys where appropriate to

(Forgive the typos, edits will come later…)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Note to self: Next Time, Bring Vitamins. Drink more water!

Life is what you make of it, and Stuart Alson’s New York International Independent Film and Video Festival has been one wild ride. The opportunities for moviemakers are endless!

In the last two days alone, I have developed friendships I know will last a lifetime, with people it will be a pleasure working with throughout that lifetime. How unique an experience to be in situation after situation where you can do business with people whose enthusiasm, artistic integrity and passion are a match to your own. Thank you Stuart and company.

There are big things to announce on the Star Circle Pictures front, but I think it’s only fair that my partners hear it before you .. not much earlier .. but a little! What I can reveal this morning is the formation of a strategic alliance.

The Festival has been setting the attendees up with additional opportunities. Last night, Jonathan and I hit press night for the new Bond film, Casino Royale, with Maxam Productions CEO Max Bartoli. We were joined at the Ziegfeld by 1,300 of my closest friends in the media. You literally couldn’t turn in one direction without having a discussion with a reviewer, which we did .. repetedly. We engaged in conversations and handed out screeners to genuinely interested press. (Lesson learned .. always travel with screeners!)

By the way, Daniel Craig brings first class acting chops to the best Bond script yet written.

After the film, the three amigos .. Jonathan, Max and myself .. headed back to Village East for a dinner with Stuart Alson and Independent Film Quarterly (IFQ) Executive Editor Nicole Holland.. Max sprung for the cab (All class!). Topics of conversation were far ranging .. literally .. from the L.A. Festival to Cannes. Stuart loves filmmakers. He created this festival after having sweated out his own production and going through the trials of getting it shown. He still works hard to get it right. During the Festival, he tends to operate on two hours sleep a night .. if he’s lucky. “I started my own festival so filmmakers could have the opportunity to be seen in major cities,” Stuart says. “I don’t want to be involved in the politics. I don’t want to make the films .. I just want to show them. I want to help filmmakers .. get them screened, get them press coverage, arrange distribution.”

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Far ranging discussions with New York International Independent Film and Video Festival’s Staurt Alson, Star Circle Pictures Producer Ethan Marten and Maxam Productions CEO Max Bartoli
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Finding common ground with Stuart and Max at the NYIIFVF 2006

He also enjoys meeting people and making friendships. We all agreed; take care of the family, eat well, keep a roof over your head, travel and making a living doing what you love with people you like makes for a wonderful life.

The day before, I was introducing Jonathan to fetching artist rep Francesca Giordano, the beautiful Paola, and World Class Painter Gersain Muriel. We had no trouble finding his Village apartment…until we got off the elevator! Not that it was difficult; we just took a couple of wrong turns in the hallway (note to self; bring sleep along with the vitamins)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Paola, Francesca, E. and Gersain

Three lovelier people would seem impossible to find if I hadn’t already met so many on this trip. Gersain shared his art and his hospitality, while Francesca translated some things that might have been lost. We shared many laughs, and discussed the very heart of his art and soul.

I asked where this gift first came from, because the Custom Face Pillow truly is a gift. Though Gersain is salt of the Earth .. totally without pretension .. standing before one of his works it is obvious to anyone who can see or feel that you’re standing before greatness.

Gersain himself would probably disagree. Instead, he would more likely point out (as he did) that two or three previously painted images are hidden beneath the oil on the current painting. If he doesn’t like a a sketch or a painting he will tear it apart. Francesca has witnessed people fishing his images out of the trash and piecing them together. Gersain has a talent for finding the beauty in images people would generally tend to overlook or even think ugly. He loves the human form and reveals it in all its glory .. fearlessly exploring the fine line between agony and ecstacy. But he can also find the beauty in a worn, torn and abandoned wing-backed chair.

Many find his work so compelling, he is possibly the youngest artist to have sold his work in a Sotheby’s Auction. His paintings hang in important collections throughout Europe.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Gersain grew up near Medien, Columbia. He has known tragedy. Two of his brothers were murdered. He could be bitter, but he is filled with love, and a lust for life. Francesca noted that she had never seen a more beautiful and breathtaking place or ever been more scared for her life.

When he was four or five he says, “this woman molded my dinner into little animals. Then she had me draw them on the wall. That woman was my mother.” From that moment he knew he wanted to dedicate his life to “capturing forms.”

At twelve, he told his mother of his vision .. a beautifully dressed woman in colorful robes .. a goddess. His muse. His art. In a ceremony, with candles and prayers .. he married her. His mother wept her joy for his discovery.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Though this bad boy artist is often be surrounded by beautiful women .. not the least of which are his friends and partners Paola and Francesca .. their greatest gifts eminate from within.

If you have photos from the event — we will be happy to post them.  Please send as j-peg with photo id’s and photo bys where appropriate to

Marketing Your Indie Movie

This was a letter to a filmmaker’s Blog. There had been a flap concerning the length of Samaritan, and that we were taking advantage of the technical first we had achieved to market our baby. I thought some indie folks were missing the point. If your Indie project screens in the forest, and you’re the only one clapping with one hand…does it make a sound? Anyway, I hope this helps some of you get the word out.


Hello Kraz. I am enjoying your site. I have seen a great deal of debate over the length of “Samaritan.” We are just movie makers wanting to create and needing to get the word out like everyone else. I’m puzzled by the controversy regarding the movie’s length. The first reference to Samaritan in the story that started it all clearly refers to it as a “micro-feature.”


Digital Filmmaker: “Star Circle Pictures based in Virginia Beach, Virginia has just wrapped production on a micro feature called Samaritan, the third venture for Star Circle, which represents the next chapter in the firm’s evolution. The project was shot for the express purpose of demonstrating the company’s belief in cost efficiency, faster production flow and good quality.
(End quote)

Has Star Circle Pictures pioneered a new phrase as well? I don’t think so,[actually, it appears we did!] but it is clear, Star Circle never referred to Samaritan as a full length feature. Hopefully, that will help mitigate if not stop the misapprehension.

You made an astute observation:

“Heres an indie producer whos learned his lesson well. This techie interview will probably get him more exposure (at least in indie circles) than all the PR about the movie itself.”

Though Digital Filmmaker is doing a follow up story on the movie — the hard news for their audience was the completion of the first movie to use the Panasonic AG-HVX200.

We believe movies need an audience. Something movie makers need to understand is that in order to obtain that audience, they need to be aware your movie exists. On many levels it is very difficult for an artist to “market” his/her work. Some find the marketing aspect distasteful. You believe everyone should understand that you’re a serious artist who has put blood, sweat and tears into making it, and that should be enough. To a certain degree, this is understandable, but its not a healthy attitude for the life of your motion picture. Some just know how to make the movie, and hope sheer love and passion for the project might rub off on others. I am so proud of my team and its efforts, and am willing to find the angles that will bring my movies to light and thereby light up screens. It is more important to us the independent movie making community when we have launched and even completed a picture. Not as much so for your own local media, much less a national media. To them, we’re one of maybe 1,500 indies a year. [I believe Sundance had 1,700 submissions this past year.] To top it off, unless you come from a major market or at least out of state the fact that you’re a local is usually a hindrance to getting serious coverage. Don’t fight this. Understand it, and work with it. If you’re talking to the Digital Filmmaker and other national media forums understand what that editor knows his core audience is first and foremost interested in. If you’re talking to your local media understand what makes your story news to them, too. Knowing the seven criteria for news will help each movie maker get the word out on his or her film as much as the movie itself. I’m not a proponent of this reality — just a realist.

Here they are, courtesy of Jack Driscoll: Timeliness, Importance, High General Interest to Public, Relevance, Involves Public’s Right to Know, Involves Public’s Need to Know, Whether Story Informs, Educates, Guides or Entertains Reader.

Best of Luck [broken legs] to all our Movie Making Family. May your efforts be rewarding and rewarded.


Flashback: The Morning After with Digital Filmmaker Magazine

Found this letter written to Roger Richards of Digital Filmmaker Magazine the morning we wrapped (January 18, 2006) Samaritan. His was the first published article about our production – the first movie, according to Panasonic, completed with the HVX and P2 card technology.

Okay, here I am — fresh (or not so fresh) from the trenches of Glorious
Sleep Depravity and the Bleeding Edge of motion picture technology! Star
Circle Pictures has just wrapped our well-crafted Samaritan. Before the
revelry, allow me to thank you for yesterday’s uplifting conversation. I
was operating on my thirty-third hour when I finally dozed off in a chair.
My phone was charging on my lap and I finally remembered to bring the AC
charger out to keep the laptop from beating me to sleep. I felt like a techno-cowboy — my cell phone charging in my right holster and my laptop in my left.

Anyway, a series of frustrating calls with local media representatives who
didn’t ‘know what the big deal was about a camera,’ and hey, ‘didn’t we do a
story on your last movie?!’ had finally done what thirty-three hours straight on and
off set couldn’t – sent me into a catatonic state of unconsciousness. If I
was dreaming – I was too tired to remember anything except the buzzing,
vibrating sensations that follow knowing, “I’m not going to be able to hold my
eyes open or my head up much longer, and no I’m not in the car, so it’s all
right to give in.” Ahhh sleep.

When my eyes drew open I saw that I had missed your call…. Well, you know the rest. You lifted my spirits, and it was great news to deliver to my Star Circle Pictures partners (my brother Richard Marten and Kimball Carr), cast and crew – every one of whom had been busting their backs to make Samaritan. (And, when I say busting their backs – I mean it. We had “The Rock Doc” — Dr. Daniel Cohen on set giving chiropractic treatments to the cast and crew.) Anyway, we shot more than 80 set ups in two days, and wrapped this morning in Virginia Beach’s 2nd Precinct at 6:45am.

The Panasonic AG HVX 200 was lovingly packed and immediately shipped back home to Chicago’s Zacuto Rentals.

Now that I have enjoyed some extended sleep – let me once again say, thanks to you and Digital Filmmaker Magazine! Oh, and please send our appreciation to Norm at the Virginian-Pilot for hooking us up. He was very gracious.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. Remain Happy, and Healthy.


Love to have your feedback. We shot all eighty-one Samaritan set ups in two nights. Great crew. Great performances. Great Chiropractor (the one — the only Dr. Dan Cohen of Olde Towne Family Chiropractic, 757-399-4700)! I think we had the only cast and crew that finished such an intense shoot in better shape than when they began.


Samaritan, shot in January, is the first HD movie completed with Panasonic’s AG HVX200 High Definition camera. Maverick-made, two nights, 81 setups (we’re crazy). We used Previz storyboards to help achieve this insane schedule. Star Circle Pictures is obviously excited (and biased). So who doesn’t think their baby is supremely beautiful?! We actually shot this without any film or tape. That’s right bubbalas — no film. No tape. Everything went straight onto P2 cards, hot swapped, and downloaded onto our hard drive. Star Circle was editing on set…. We’re definitely grassroots, guerrilla, and very independent spirits.

Anyway, read more in Fast Company magazine’s September issue (on stands August 18). Adam Penenberg, (Broken Glass) wrote the story on our micro motion picture and is breaking the story on our upcoming full-length feature (a psychological thriller) within the Fast Company pages.

Samaritan has been selected by the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, and will be exhibited sometime between November 9 – 16. We’re submitted all over the world, and are awaiting answers like everyone else out there! (Break Legs Everyone Else out there.)

By the way, if you’re a festival maven or a news mensch interested in a DVD screener — you obviously know how to get in touch!

All the Best, (and we invite your feedback — no, I mean it — really!) Ethan


Curiouser and Curiouser

The second Digital Filmmaker article will be coming out any day now…. It’s getting real surreal! I feel like I’m outside of my own body watching these things happen to me, my friends and partners, and my family.

So April 11 has come and gone. Lovely evening. “Samaritan” was successfully previewed, and enjoyed by a lively audience. One of the amazing things about our featurette was that it went straight from the camera, to a P2 card, to our hard drive for editing. The movie never left our possession. Looked fantastic on the screen.

The panel discussion started out with a laugh. Nobody in the entire audience knew what to ask, so my brother Richard addressed one of our stars, Johnny Alonso with the first question; “Do you, as an actor, have a breath mint?” Johnny’s reply; “Why, yes…” After Rick got his, I passed them to co-stars Kelley Davis and D. D. Delaney in the audience, who, in turn passed them to the rest of the audience. I guess I owe Johnny a box of tic tacs! Anyway, no one seemed too bashful after that.

On the 31st Adam Penenberg contacted me for a story he is doing for Fast Company magazine. Adam is an author, a journalism professor at NYU, a former senior editor at Forbes Magazine, a serious investigative journalist (we’re talkin’ the real deal here), and most importantly — a menche from NY. Over the course of the next two weeks the principals and Adam had three interviews, and a private screening with partner Josh Levy and my brother Jonathan in NY. We’ll see if we make the final edit of his article.

Meanwhile, Photojournalist Hyunsoo Leo Kim shot Star Circle Pictures’

The Star Circle Pictures Team

first corporate portrait. Since certain members of the team are not exactly morning people…I am especially proud to announce that we were all puntual for Hyunsoo’s 8:45 am Sunday call time.

Producer/Partner Duncan Leung will be heading back to our Honk Kong office soon. Rick will be going shortly thereafter. Letters from Chinese officials extending a personal invitation for Star Circle Pictures to preview “Samaritan” and HD technology will follow. Curiouser and curiouser!

Hey All:

There’s lots happening on the Indie Front! Finished the third movie in January, and the edits are coming along swiftly. You can view a clip of “Samaritan” at the Star Circle Pictures site (No, really, go ahead — you’re an invited guest). I’m interested in your movie making experiences, and hearing from old and new friends.

All the Best,
Ethan Marten

Check out Star Circle Pictures

Read the Digital Filmmaker story on Samaritan