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Happy First Night of Chanukah Everyone! Here is an old recording of a song written by yours truly, and Ralph Garner for Comedic License – our Standup, Sketch, and Improv troupe. It originally aired on Z-104 Morning Zoo in Hampton Roads in the late 80s, and became a staple of the Comedic License Show during the holidays. Comedic License is Ralph Garner, Jerry Hedrick, Allison Parker Hedrick, and Ethan Marten.

Play the song – 12 Nights of Chanukah
(Be patient, the song starts at 13 seconds – that’s comic timing for ya.)

Dictater Tots — Like ’em or Die!

Go Ahead — Click My Portrait!

El Presidente General

Hola Amigos! It is I, your good friend and amigo, El Presidente General, etc., etc. I have been seeking political asylum in many boxes hidden in various attics for twenty-plus years. My company all these many anos has been other sketch, stand-up and improv comedy by Comedic License. Thanks (or curses) to You Tube, you may see more from Jerry Hedrick, Allison Parker Hedrick, Ralph Garner, and their one-time street urchin, Ethan Marten.

That’s right, been makin’ videos since the 80’s, and some of ’em are coming back to haunt me. This one courtesy of longtime friend, Jennifer Murdoch. Thought since Jen was kind enough to plaster this is all over You Tube — and — since my shallow attempt at maintaining a dignified Executive Producer, Story Developer, Serious Actor, and Technology Booster status is just all shot to pieces…I might as well fess up to it here. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

Actually, back in those days, I was a bit more, hmmn, naturally caffeinated. And, the amount of powdered sugar ingested doing El Presidente was enough to make my Comedic License cohorts seek their own asylum (though, we got a lot of mileage from El Presidente General, especially live, on stage). El Presidente wants his still loyal subjects to know he had as much fun improvising with them as they had with him. Hope you get a chuckle or two. Now, run right out to you supermarkets for your people — for your country…Viva La Me!