Welcome to Virtual Happy Hour brought to you by The creators and producers of The Unwritable Rant podcast! In week six Juliette Miranda, and David LaFaire presented Actor/Producer Ethan Marten…hey, that’s me!

We shared some amazing stories about the movie industry, working with Eric Roberts, and my “famous family”. Then my brother Jonathan joined us! THEN we get surprised when Eric Roberts (The Dark Night, Pope of Greenwich Village, Star 80) comes on live with us… what a treat.

A little preview…

Last question for Eric Roberts:

Q: What was your bravest acting choice?

A: “A wild, reckless Paulie in Pope of Greenwich Village; ‘They took my thumb’ monologue!

Q: What made Star 80 Director, Bob Fosse special:

A: “A white tiger,” those cats are rare.”

Reliving some of the family lore:

How Plan 9 From Outer Space got its original release! Did Acting/Directing Legend Ida Lupino predict the birth of one of the Marten Brothers? Which Marten Brother survived a milk-boarding trauma? You want details? What a cool time with friends and family.

If you couldn’t make it live catch it now!