This morning, one of Grandmaster Adam’s students came to his class, and said she went to a stretch and exercise class this week at a local gym, and asked “is this all there is?” The class wasn’t constructive or beneficial. Adam nodded. It resonated with his thoughts. He recognized this situation throughout the years. He has seen hundreds of programs come and go. A lot of them do more harm than good. That’s why they don’t last. It’s a hamster wheel of fitness – a lot of running around, but you get nowhere.

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When Adam came to America in 1971, he was 19-years-old, and had already been assisting his Grandmaster Ly Xuan Cuong in teaching for four years. Wherever Adam traveled, Utah, Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia people would marvel at his practice of Yoga, Karate-do, and Zen Meditation. They would inevitably ask what he was doing, and ask him to demonstrate more. Even though Adam was a college student himself, they would ask him to teach them. He was only too happy to share what his family had been teaching first to the Royal Families, and top officials of Vietnam for hundreds of years. What Adam teaches to this day is a unique brand of wellness. The foundation is Yoga, but much more elaborate and intense. Adam has a poster where he is holding 222 Yoga poses. Most people are impressed by not only the poses, but the beauty of the proper form – the depth of the execution. Adam waves this off. “We have more than 10,000 variations and combinations of technique and sequences.” That’s the difference he insists.

Grand Master Adam pic!

So Adam showed up on my doorstep this morning, very excited for such a peaceful Master. “We are going to create a revolution,” he said. “There is a hamster wheel of exercise programs out there. People are stuck, but we are going to make them healthy. If they practice the right way they can improve their health, and move well, feel great. They will function well until their very last days.”

It’s difficult to explain to someone younger who has not nursed an aging parent; someone who feels invincible in their youth how important it is to be able to stand straight, tall, and strong, and be able to walk on their own power. Once you see how difficult it is for your own parents to make it up a flight of stairs – you understand. It’s equally difficult to explain to someone in their sixties that it is not too late improve, and return to a more youthful condition. Grandmaster Adam has already proved this to be the case with many of his senior students!

How does Adam do it? He takes proper time to work the whole body; head to toe; the senses, the mind, the nervous, lymphatic, immune, and all other systems. It’s stretching, loosening, straightening, balancing and stabilizing the body. He helps you create energy by invigorating the internal organs and glands. You work on breath -so important. All the joints become properly aligned and lubricated. He works on straightening and strengthening tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Whereas weightlifting might tighten and tear, his way of practice restores and rejuvenates.

So, let the peaceful revolution begin. If Master Adam has his way he will teach millions of students to live happier healthier lives. Maybe one of them will be you.