The Virginian-Pilot Reviewer gives 2.5 out of 4 Stars.


“Deep in that rot is Booker, played by the Oscar-nominated Eric Roberts (“The Pope of Greenwich Village,” “The Dark Knight.”) He plans to cash in by helping the psychotic Carey find Adam. Roberts portrays a natural-born snake. His scenes with his sidekicks – Marty (Jonathan Marten) and Itchy (Seth Marten) – brim with menace and black humor.”

“Amanda Dunn fulfills a difficult assignment as Blanche, the pretty, tough, vulnerable, troubled, confused gal who is drawn to Adam, perhaps for the serene strength he radiates. And Nguyen conveys genuineness and sincerity. He convincingly displays his fight moves, and a few neat yoga tricks, and shows the right timing for both spoken and physical comedy. Because they make us care about Blanche and Adam, we feel the dread build as Carey draws closer while his body-count grows.”

“Two climactic scenes deliver the goods. Ethan Marten slowly and quietly builds Carey into a frightening death machine. When he corners Blanche in a farmhouse, we learn a little about the man behind the evil, and it ain’t pretty. There is real A-list suspense, building to the point of horror.

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