While shooting Eyes of the Roshi our cast was joined during week two by Eric Roberts. Eric has portrayed characters in more than 300 motion pictures. Some have earned him some wisecracks and smart ass comments, and others have earned him accolades, and Academy Award nominations.

He was both intense and laid back; demanding and easy-going; but mostly, a joy to have on set. He liked things a certain way – done right. Not a bad thing to strive for. His sense of humor was constant, and his generosity on set to his fellow actors was witnessed time and again.

Midway through the shoot, he turned to me and said; “I want to be part of your rep company.” This after doing a scene, and thinking; I would really like this experience to continue into the future. “I’ll send you a script,” he said. Uh-huh…sure you will….

Shortly after wrap while working on Post Production…we received this little gem from Eric Roberts. Looking forward to it, and many more. #Happy4th #ScriptTease #LightAgeFilmsRepCompany