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Roshi is an Indiewire pick for “Project of the Day!”

This beautiful image of Vietnam as captured by one of our scouts, Jesper Brugman, could be one of our locations if you help us.

This beautiful image of Vietnam as captured by one of our scouts, Jesper Brugman, could be one of our locations if you help us.

Well, everyone, its been an amazing ride so far. Team Roshi has been active for about 20 days on Kickstarter and has finally raised enough money to achieve its first goal of 5,000 dollars. Before we continue, a few additional thank you’s are in order:

Orange Belt Johnny Montagna
And Green Belt Mike Beaty

Thank you all so much for your contributions to Eyes of the Roshi. And thank you to everyone else who got us here. Without you, we would not have gotten this far. But now we want to go further.

We have 16 days left before the end of the campaign. Our ultimate goal is to raise 20,000 dollars to continue funding Eyes of the Roshi. We have several stretch goals in mind to help push us to this ultimate end. At 12,000 dollars, we want to thank our supporters by providing a small crew to document the making of Eyes of the Roshi. At 20,000 dollars, we’ll have the opportunity to make Eyes of the Roshi more authentic by shooting on location in Vietnam.

Have you seen the Potato Salad Kickstarter? Its pretty funny (Check it out here). As the internet sees it, Potato Salad is God’s gift to mankind. We here on the crew of Eyes of the Roshi enjoyed the laugh, but then started thinking about the potential that we had. We’ve got a Vietnamese Yoga Master who knows everything about physical health, and we’ve got a Jewish producer with a kickass recipe for Chicken Soup (He describes it as Jewish Penicillin). If you help get Eyes of the Roshi to 7,500 dollars, we’ll film our producer making chicken soup. Because honestly, when it comes to the end of the world through nuclear devastation, you’ll need Martial Arts for protection and the world’s greatest survival food (Chicken Soup, though we’re admitting that Potato Salad is probably a close second) to keep up your strength.

Check out our stretch goal update for more information!

Thank you so much for your help, we’ve got 16 days to go, we can get to our ultimate goal of 20,000 dollars!

Team Roshi

Producer’s Note: Though I am no Rachael Ray, I have also committed to sharing additional recipes with our loyal Eyes of the Roshi Backers: Aunt Cherie’s Chopped Liver; and Mom’s Matzoh Brei. For the uninitiated, Matzoh is the Giant Jewish cracker that my ancestors brought with them when they fled Pharaoh in Egypt. There are only two things that could rival the shelf life of Matzoh in the event of a nuclear war. Twinkies would be one, and roaches would be another. So if you’re ever having to live in an underground shelter or cave…this will be an excellent recipe to have, and a nice change of pace from SPAM.

Joke and Biagio Covering Roshi!

Joke and Biagio were here!

Joke and Biagio were here!