The Boy with the Rabbit
The Story

“The Boy with the Rabbit” is a fantasy family drama that tells dual stories about a girl coping with the loss of her estranged father, and a rabbit trying to help his best friend to cope with his own death. This film has been in the conception process for about five months. The original story was conceived in response to the Boston Bombing that occurred earlier in April 2013.

“It is with every funeral and birthday that we remember that we are alive, this film begins with a birthday party at a funeral.” – Adrian I. Garcia

This Senior Project has captured the attention of some of the finest artists and filmmakers attending Regent University. We hope to bring forth a beautiful project made by dedicated and hardworking people. However, we do need your help.

Their Goal

The experience of grieving is often a mystifying and isolating event. As communication students, our goal is to create a project that builds a language of compassion between people who have lost someone.

There are many different rewards or “perks” you will receive for donating to this project, many of which are hand-made out of love from the members on our team. Perks include posters, DVD’s, exclusive music from the film, storybooks, and custom made rabbits, like Rooney from the story.

Your contributions will go towards our extensive production design for the film, cost of locations, meals for the crew, gas money, post-production costs, music, distribution of rewards, and much more. Your donation, no matter how much, will help us tremendously! We appreciate your love and support in this process of making our dream a reality.

Meet the Team

Adrian Isai Garcia

Adrian was born in the metropolitan city of Monterrey, Mexico, and within a year moved to the small rural town of Cobden, IL. It was in that lovely orchard town that he first discovered television, and decided never to play outside again. Writing and directing his Senior Project, “The Boy with The Rabbit” will mark his first major project as he closes the chapter on his Undergrad Education at Regent University. His favorite fable is Peter Pan. He is a member of Virginia Beach Indie band, Owls & Otters. Most recently he worked on Miracle of the Murderers (Art Dept.), co-wrote and starred in Cut (2013), as well as an unreleased web series pilot where he played a wall, and learned to ingest a considerable amount of acrylic paint. His goals are to eventually be on a first name basis with Tina Fey, write and star in his own sitcom, and insist that his parents take his yacht to his summer home in Alaska, for the weekend.

Sarah-Rose Reyes

Born and raised in Southern California, Sarah-Rose Reyes is an aspiring Director and Producer that is in her final year of college. She has spent the past three years in Virginia Beach working as a full-time student, Assistant Director, and Production Designer on several projects. Most recently she worked as the Production Designer on the short film “Miracle of the Murderers”. Being a close friend of Director Adrian Garcia, she was present when the story of “The Boy with the Rabbit” was first conceived, and she has been enchanted with it ever since.

Chelsea Motherwell

Chelsea Motherwell, one of the producers for “The Boy with the Rabbit,” is a senior majoring in Cinema-Television at Regent University. She was born and raised in sunny South Florida, but is currently enjoying living in Virginia Beach, as well as being a Resident Assistant on Regent’s campus. Her love for movies began at a very young age, and she is passionate about her dream to work in the film industry one day. Chelsea decided to be a part of the project because it offers to paint a beautiful story of life, death, and all things in between.

Joseph Armstrong
Director of Photography

Joseph Armstrong is a freelance film maker & graphic artist based in Richmond, Virginia. He has a passion for storytelling through digital media and seeks to explore the possibilities of what can be done with the medium. Joseph was drawn to “The Boy and the Rabbit” because the film presents a unique opportunity to bring a fantastical vision to bear.