Hello to all my readers. The young man I’m writing about worked on a film with me earlier this year. His name is Vincent Graziano, but his friends know him as Chenzy. Like so many on the set of Miracle of the Murderers, he struck me with his great work ethic and sense of humor. The experience on set was such a positive one – it is impossible not to want the best for and wish so much success for each of the cast and crew of this film. Chenzy had the good fortune to work on a professional production, and now has the opportunity to attend his first official red carpet premiere.

Chenzy simply needs money for a plane ticket, food, gas money, and other small expenses.

I know that Chezny is going to not only make his mark as a filmmaker, but he will disntinguish himself with quality projects that make a positive difference in the world. He needs so little money to make this small dream come true. My readers could make it happen in one day by contributing $1 a piece. So do what you can. Do what your heart allows you to do. In any event, I know you will be proud to point to him some day, and say, “I actually helped him get to his first premiere.”

Thank you, my friends.

All the Best,

Here is the link to his Indiegogo page.