The clock is ticking. Some may say it’s an even more impossible task than before! At times like this, we have no choice but to trust in Spirit, while holding fast to famed Producer Robert Evans’ practical advice: “When your back’s against the wall, the impossible becomes possible!” YOU have made WHITE BUFFALO: An American Prophecy possible. You have our backs. Because of you, the groundswell of support for this documentary keeps growing. How amazing for us to experience your enthusiasm and encouragement for this project, and to watch this increase exponentially as more and more individuals, across North America, and now on other continents, bring their energy to bear.

On Facebook, we’ve passed the 5000 milestone. As of the posting, 5,317 of you have gone to the facebook page and “Liked” us; more than 250,000 individuals from around the globe have viewed the Producer’s Blog to read about WHITE BUFFALO. We are now editing, with one major segment left to shoot.
During the filming of WHITE BUFFALO: An American Prophecy the Four Brothers have been traveling the Four Directions, experiencing the Four Elements, and bringing together the Four Races – Red, White, Black, and Yellow – together on film. Our message is one of hope and optimism for a New Earth. We deeply respect each culture and the rich traditions which the people have generously shared with us along the way. And now we must touch on a practical matter. The coming days are crucial. The reality is that a final $100,000 is needed to complete WHITE BUFFALO: An American Prophecy:

DEADLINE 1: We have 30 days left in which to raise the final amount needed for principal photography. We need $30,000 to shoot the last major segment.

DEADLINE 2: We need an additional $70,000 to complete the movie – for editing, narration, animation, CGI, special effects, not to mention for such mundane items as fees for lawyers and accountants. These funds have to roll in during the final quarter of 2012 (the sooner, the less nerve-wracking).
Sorry to use the timeworn phrase, but we really do NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Previously, we asked you to make even small token donations to create ripples that would morph into waves. You responded! We asked you to ‘Like’ us on Facebook, to post the link, and you flooded the net! Now we are asking you to please come with us on this final mile of an 18-year (!) journey. It’s the home stretch, folks. We need you to provide the final bit of financial support to complete this film and get it out to the planet. We are going to do it and it’s happening right now. Come with us. Help us meet the final challenge.

If every one of our Facebook friends would contribute $20, this would generate the $100,000 required. We realize that this amount is not affordable by everyone, so our request is that each of you give what you can without discomfort; we humbly ask that those who are blessed with greater abundance donate more on behalf of their brothers and sisters who can only afford a smaller contribution. Your contribution is tax-deductible through Actors Repertory Theatre, an affiliated 501(C3) organization.

Together we are carrying the message of the Mending of the Hoop to help usher in an era of genuine peace and harmony – among the nations, races, and genders, between mankind and all life on Mother Earth. Wolakota – everything is sacred. This journey (which began for us in 1994 with the birth of the Sacred White Buffalo, Miracle, in Janesville, Wisconsin) continues through your generosity and goodwill. Thank you for contributing. Thank you for posting the links and for involving your friends and family, and thank you most of all for your good hearts, minds, and spirit. It sustains our efforts and motivates us to keep on keeping on. Pilahmayeh mitakuye oyasin.

If you would like to make a donation by writing a check -

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