Today are hearts were saddened by the news of the death of Sacred White Buffalo Lightning Medicine Cloud. Our bodies feel numb, and our hearts are heavy, because of the brutal way the Little Soldiers discovered the loss. Some one or persons butchered and skinned this beautiful Being, and left him to be found in this manner.

The sadness comes from the destruction, once again, wrought by mankind. The ugly nature revealed by those who refuse to respect the beautiful message that we are all related. In this time where forces seem to control a mass of people by anger, hatred and fear it would be easy to be filled with fear, hatred, anger, and bitterness at this act. Instead, let us remember that Buffalo Calf Woman’s message is alive. His birth was a message well-delivered, and that lives on. We will not give in to hate, nor anger, nor fear. We will love the message, the messanger, and All Our Relations. Mitakuye Oyas’in, Brothers and Sisters.