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In an interview for White Buffalo: An American Prophecy, Arby Little Soldier comments on the birth of a sacred White Buffalo – Lightning Medicine Cloud – on the Lakota Ranch in Texas, and what it means for humanity.

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By Caroline Luzzatto
The Virginian-Pilot
© January 5, 2012

Don’t call it New Age. Nobody likes that term anymore. Pamela Bro, pastor of Virginia Beach’s Living Waters Sanctuary, prefers talking about a “mystical understanding of spirituality.”

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In that vein, Bro is hosting filmmakers Ethan and Richard Marten, stalwart local musician Lewis McGehee and Native American flutist Joe Higgs at a worship service and discussion on Sunday. Bro says she hopes that in the new year “we’re going to start coming from the heart.”


Sunset with Wakinyah Pejuta Mahpiya, Sacred White Buffalo Lightning Medicine Cloud

Pre-Production is taking place for the full length feature to be shot in 2013.