EFT Coach, David Childerley, who is based in the United Kingdom, has produced a video for his youtube channel to promote White Buffalo: An American Prophecy. Childerley teaches the EFT Tapping or emotional freedom technique & the Law of Attraction to help people move forward fast.

Childerley developed the first ‘EFT Video Tap-along’ on YouTube in 2006. This easy to use interactive video has now helped millions of people to transform their life quickly.

In 2006 he also created myGenie.tv which has now grown to become the internet’s most extensive EFT Tap-along video library featuring 1000 videos covering the A-Z of human emotions and health challenges.

myGenie.tv supports members from over 190 countries and invites you to join our growing online EFT community at http://www.myGenie.tv