Some memories are as clear as others are foggy. Why can something leave such an impression decades later while others are dusty and buried one week later? At eight-years, I was being read to sleep by multiple people. Mom would come into my bedroom, and read A. A. Milne; his stories about Edward R. Bear or Winnie the Pooh as he is popularly known. My brothers Jonathan and Seth would discuss baseball, and social justice. Richard would read me stories of Atlantis, Heinrich Schleiman’s search for Troy, and Edgar Cayce.

My nighttime slumbers were tangible, lucid, and illuminated with the most vivid dreams. One such dream had me back-to-back-to-back-to-back with my three older brothers. Each of us, like a compass point, was facing a cardinal direction. I was facing South, Richard the North. Seth was facing West, and Jonathan was facing East. The voice I heard was familiar, but not my own; “When the four brothers come together for this singular purpose it will happen.” What will happen? The next thing I saw was strange geometrical patterns. There was a circle. Within the circle was an x that touched all the sides. In the open spaces between each of the crossed bars were three diamonds by the circle’s edge. Then I saw the brothers sitting on a mountain top somewhere in what I perceived as Virginia. This I heard was a New Jerusalem….

Okay…what does an eight-year-old do with that? I felt strongly throughout my life that I wanted that closeness with all of my siblings. Of course we have a strong bond. Though, sometimes we have been on various terms of speaking or not. I have always wanted to bring everyone together. Not an unreasonable hope – but time, distance, childhood hurts sometimes made that difficult. So, we spread out. Seth went to the West, Jonathan to the Northeast, Richard and myself to the South…

It did not make sense until many years later as Richard and I started discussing Native American wisdom, the birth of Miracle, The Sacred White Buffalo in Janesville, Wisconsin, and the movie that is now 17 years in the making. Now, after having come back from filming in Sedona, Arizona with my three brothers – our purpose seems clear. We have come together from the four directions seeking healing, the wisdom of elders, and to share that with those who care to listen.

Two days ago, in a call with Lakota Spiritual Leader Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand, we confirmed our July visit to Pine Ridge in South Dakota. Floyd invited us to participate in ceremony, and confirmed we will discuss what he feels “it is time for the World to hear”; meet with Chief Arvol Looking Horse; and visit sacred sites, including those where the Spiritual Leader says White Buffalo Calf Woman came to the Lakota. We will hear unfiltered, from the mouths of these Lakota elders, the Prophecy, handed down in an oral tradition dating back nineteen generations, and present it to you honestly.