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My daughter texted me the news. I had come out of meetings, and a friendly gathering. My hibernation from “hard news” complete enough so as not to know of the event that would rattle radios, televisions, blogs, social networks, and tweets around the world. There it was. He was dead, and his body captured. Obama appeared. His speech – sober and direct.

This is a time for reflection; for what we were; what we believed before 9-11-01, what we became, and what we are becoming as a nation. What do we want for ourselves, our children, our future? What do we want to project onto the world? Watching the celebrations, and demonstrations that all but have his severed head being paraded in the streets (and one rather disturbing image of the Statue of Liberty holding up his severed head) it has become difficult to distinguish the the one’s who are celebrating Bin Laden’s death from the one’s who celebrated his architecture.

Within minutes of hearing the news – Osama Bin Laden’s death became as troubling as the deaths he had orchestrated. I am not mourning this one individual – though all life is sacred – the sadness comes from remembering much of the innocence lost that September 11. The rest from the displays being shown now. We are being reached at our base levels; a reptilian part of our DNA – that fight or flight, fear-based level.

As my daughter texted back and forth with me while awaiting the President’s appearance, I began to realize – half her life has been influenced by “the hunt” for this one man – the boogie man who attacked America, and filled millions with fear. This very young girl was yanked from school, and scared beyond belief. So many were. The news reports enhanced feelings that explosions could be erupting at any time, anywhere; that people could run into their school and drop bombs. We were doing as much to terrify ourselves and our children as Bin Laden. Osama Bin Laden was a very real, and very personal threat to a young adolescent mind as well as a nation. The constant bombardment of fear being dished out across from the television, radio, newspaper, and our own government was equally terrorizing. I wondered just how she and people of her generation were affected, and would continue to be affected by not only the news or the legitimate concerns, but the heightened fear mongering. Now we see celebrations across America, and while I recognize some relief, and some feelings of justice, I also recognized blood lust.

We forget, the very people who celebrated the bombings of our innocent civilians, men, women and children – they, too felt justified. They felt a blow had been dealt to a terrible oppressor – The United States. How misguided, yes? As we are celebrating the death of Bin Laden – remember – people across the Middle East, innocent civilians, men, women, children were lost in the search for this man. Their families are watching how we behave. What we portray. Their loss is no less significant to a Creator of all that is living.

Bin Laden brought about his own demise, and I will not miss him. Nor will I focus my attention on him. We have an chance to end a cycle of being victims, and victimizers here with some sober thinking and an open heart. I pray that we take a step back, and seize that opportunity.

As part of the White Buffalo: An American Prophecy experience, the filmmakers are being exposed to many interesting phenomena. One of the film’s purposes is to both be exposed to and demonstrate methods, techniques, and practical, hands-on experiences bringing healing modalities to the consciousness of those watching the movie.

Maybe, through the journey of the four brothers – people might also be inspired to take their own journey. The brothers are both literal and allegorical reference points for the family of beings on this globe. If, as the White Buffalo Prophecy maintains, we are going to have that mending of the hoop – the bringing together of all the races, and the family of man and woman – it makes sense to show the healing of one small family. Yes, we are seeking ancient wisom from the Indigenous Peoples. We are also seeking self-help methods to bring about the healing of the Earth – one being, and one family at a time. Our White Buffalo Website, which will be uploaded soon, will have hyperlinks to the interview subjects, and people who are coming into our path for that purpose.

We wish for all who desire it, and maybe to inspire some who as of yet do not, to take their own spiritual journeys, and perhaps, to live a life more in tune with “Grandfather”, Nature, and Mother Earth. As Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand asked, to live in the right brain – the creative, from the heart side of the brain.

This last week, we attended a Vortex Healing Circle led by Frank Kerestesy, and Claudia Aristizabal-Gutierrez. The evening was quite extraordinary in how quickly it passed. It was the quickest four hours I’ve experienced in a while. Lots of meditation, and Vortex energy being directed by Frank and Claudia, both of whom are engineers. Claudia then introduced us to Ric Weinman, Founder of Vortex Healing.

Frank has developed and is beginning to market Frank’s Long Life Spice. His combination of organic spices are said to have great healing qualities. He freely tells people what is in them, and encourages people to find them, and incorporate them into their diets. However, for convenience, he purchases, bottles, and then sells the best organic combination of these ingredients for your convenience. The one spice not labeled here is SAGE.

Next morning, awoke early enough to see the moonset, and sunrise. Took a walk on the beach, and met my brother, Richard, with his thirteen-year-old dog, Chloe. Even Chloe, who attended the Vortex group and was worked on, was more spry than she had been in years. Running, jumping, and playfully wrestling during the walk. Normally, she just slowly walks beside us, and a little behind. Don’t know if she possibly got into Frank’s spices.

Later that day, our brother, Jonathan (just down from New Jersey) joined us at The Mediterranean Cafe. We’re doing our best Three Stooges, here:

Still later, Jon’s wife, Tanya visits with Matriarch and Author Jacqueline Marten. Both receive blessings through the staff on loan for the journey from one of our spiritual guides, and mentor.

Before the end of the evening, three of the four brothers were gathered, and key personnel were assembled for the Sedona journey. Bill Britt was confirmed on Sound; Jason Parks, DP; Tanya Marten, AD; Pamela Good, Production Coordinator; Brandon Cordon, Second Camera; and Bill Cashman of Cavern Studios in Tuscon.

Yesterday was a full day of ironing out itinerary, and the production schedule for May 8 – 18. Airports, Rentals, Hotels, Shooting Schedules, Locations, etc.

Today is another full day of finalizing the itinerary, and Production Schedule, but first, a family gathering for brunch. Mom’s 88th birthday is on the 3rd, and Sedona begins on Mother’s Day – the 8th. Countdown begins.