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Wednesday: Arrive back home in time to see Sun rise over the ocean front. The day is spent in and out of consciousness. Dreaming about the events of Monday and Tuesday. After recovering somewhat from the surreal, amazing, traumatic, and uplifting events – was joined by Pam to go see Hannah. Joyful reunion. It’s these close calls which continue to make us mindful of how fleeting all things can be. A reminder, and not so gentle as far as Hannah is concerned, to be in the moment.

Thursday: We shared cups of morning coffee, and conversation. Coffee hasn’t been that pleasant or tasty in a long while, (and I make a mean cup of cafe con leche). We called our Cousin Steve back in Texas, and filled him in on Hannah’s well-being, and were off again, back on the road, after many hugs. How grateful to be able to enjoy those hugs. Bye-bye Richmond. Hello Virginia Beach.

Back at the Beach in time for meetings with Richard, and Nanette Crist; an Intuitive and Visionary who expresses her insights through spiritual art and teaching metaphysics. Nanette has counseled many heads of spiritual organizations as well as political leaders, and has already been shot for the project. More counsel, more insights.

Friday: While preparing for an evening Healing Circle hosted by K. C. Johnson “for any and all Beings interested in gathering for the sake of creative transformation in a fun and playful format that varies in theme and tone;”

Richard and I head for the ocean front. We are going to visit with Charlotte Lott, and go over details for her interview, and scheduling a Three Circle Dance ceremony that we can both participate in, and record. As Charlotte has explained, this is an ancient ceremony that dates back tens of thousands of years.

We join Charlotte on this brisk, but sunny afternoon at the ARE – the Association for Research and Enlightenment – founded by Edgar Cayce.

Charlotte is a healer in the Native American old ways. The blood of five Nations runs in her veins: Cherokee; Tuscarora; Arapaho; Mik’Maque; and Mohawk, and she has active past life memories of many others. She drums, and sings with an elemental water gift known as the Voice of the Healing Waters.

“It is a gift the Father empowers for use with groups” she says. For the past 12 years, Charlotte has been moving among the Native Peoples and other communities, giving away healings to all willing to receive. After the dances, she shares with those who wish to know, how to move from the human level of energy into the Father’s level and how to open the spiritual channels to the gifts that only the Father enpowers. “His level of energy” Charlotte says, “is the place where miracles can and do happen when the time is right.”

Three Circle Dance is an ancient healing ceremony intended to help people with healing and clearing of illness and negative energies of all kinds, on all levels of the body. Charlotte explains, the Father puts His energy through the singing voice and the central stones of each of the circles, making it a wholistic form of healing for body, mind, and spirit. The Dance is mainly used at the mid-point (26,000) and end of the 52,000-year cycle (the Mayan Long Count Calendar). These mark the end of the feminine energy teachings and the end of the masculine energy teachings, and are particularly challenging times when major earth changes occur.

“The last time,” Charlotte says, “the Mother was helping Her Light Workers get ready for the spiritual work they had volunteered to perform at the end of Atlantis. This time, it is the Father helping His Light Workers prepare for the work we volunteered to do.” In addition to the healing of illness and disease, and clearing negative energies, questions may be asked. Would you like to know, Why I am I here in the flesh at this time? What is my life plan for this time period? Did I volunteer to do something, and, if so what? – or any other question about which you may wish to enquire. “There is a way to know,” Charlotte says, “move through the circles praying for an answer to your question. This will bring the healing and clearing of your spiritual communication channels.” It may take several dances, she says, but the Father intends for us to be able to communicate with our guides. Once we are aware of our intended plan, Three Circle Dance may help us to do that which we came to do. And the Dance is free style. All begin walking slowly. In time, most begin to dance as their bodies direct in order to release what needs to be released. For whatever reason, you may come to Three Circle Dance, it is free of charge, as the Father is giving gifts to His children – and they do stand up to laboratory tests. All are invited to come and receive.

Light Age Films, and Star Circle Pictures will be filming a Three Circle Dance ceremony this Friday morning in Virginia Beach at the oceanfront. Those wishing to participate can tune into this blog, Light Age Films or White Buffalo: An American Prophecy for further details.

Who knew that within 32 hours of leaving Virginia Beach to meet a Taino Spiritual Leader & Keeper of the Mayan Calendar, and a visiting Mayan Spiritual Leader in Pittsburgh, our film crew would experience 88 degree heat, torrential rains, heavy winds, snow, and Hawk – the Shawnee Human Pet of Thunder and Lightning – Sacred Black and White Buffalos living at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, Pennsylvania?

My Brother, Richard, and I were joined by Crew Members Brandon Cordon, Colin Heath, and Tony Holobyte to interview Taino Spiritual Leader Miguel Sague, and Antonio Telesforo. The purpose was to gain insights into the ancient secrets of the Mayan calendar. Our interview was far-ranging, and specific. Sague explained many things regarding the calendar, its cycles, and prophecies. Telesforo told stories from his traditional community while Sague translated the Guatamalan Maya tongue. Both had gentle, yet powerful messages of respect, intended for people of North America and the World.

Before wrapping, our crew was honored with a traditional fire ceremony lead by these authentic bearers of the millennial prophecy at a former U.S. military surface-to-air missile base – now Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center in PA.

The night before, I had received a call from my daughter while she was lying on a Houston street. “Dad, I’ve been hit by a car.” My heart stopped. I had gone from a feeling of great joy to my darkest fear. Over the course of the next couple of hours, my cousin, Steve, and his fiance, Leslie (God bless them, they happened to live there, and beat the ambulance to the hospital), took care of their cousin, and made sure she was all right. Hannah ended up perfectly fine with only minor injuries. This was doubly amazing, because in Hannah’s 21 years – she could not even remember the one time she met her cousin at a family function when she was a baby, and had just reacquainted less than 24 hours earlier.

And so, with this wild night behind me, our wild ride of yesterday began. Before it would end, with a shooting star punctuating a spoken prayer, “Hantu Yo Toca Hey” (clear a way in a holy way) at 4:41 a.m. this morning on I-295 just outside of Richmond, we had come face-to-face with Lightning and Thunder. These are not the weather anomalies we experienced on the way North and West – though we certainly experienced them on the way – these are the two sacred white and black buffalos in Farmington.

We left the Pittsburgh hotel yesterday morning, and picked our Ambassadors of Mayan culture and heritage at a McDonald’s; “Hey,” noted Sague, “they have free wi-fi.”

Miguel, with an interesting blend of casual, by-the-way, and an animated you should know this, began placing a call to his friend to arrange for a meeting. By the time our interviews, and fire ceremonies were completed in the snow – it became a race with the remaining daylight to meet Hawk, gain wisdom, and experience the sacred. Along this 130-mile trek back South and West the weather broke, the clouds dispersed, and we were treated to a sunset introduction to Hawk, S’unka (the superdog), and an unblemished, genetically pure white buffalo.

Meeting the gaze, and ooking into the dark eyes of these beautiful beings was beyond moving. The only prayers I could think to offer at this time were of gratitude and thanks – for this sacred gift, the gift of my daughter’s safety and well-being, and for the gift of people I love both near and far.

They have five acres to roam in protection said their Guardian, Keeper, and “Human Pet,” Hawk, of Shawnee and Doogh Hit’an origin. As we approached the Eastern side of their hill, he continued, “They will let you know if they wish to see you or yank your chain (playfully) and run to the Western Side. As we rounded the slope – there they stood – peacefully, and with a simple majesty. There was protective double-fencing; more to keep people at a safe distance rather than to pen them in.

The evening ended with a straight-talking, and sometimes hillarious impromptu interview with Hawk, over coffee, cookies and another most sacred gift.

So time to get some rest, and meditate on the last 44 hours. Time to reflect on experiencing fear and joy, fire, ice, water, wind, Earth, North, East, West and South – Thunder and Lightning.