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Yellow Ape Evolves into Light Age Films!

Yellow Ape Productions, LLC has evolved into Light Age Films. Join us on facebook here:

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Following the Trail of White Buffalo

Today has been a day of new beginnings. Each day has been a gift to me and my brothers as auspicious meetings and greetings have taken place. We celebrated Brother Jonathan, and Wife Tanya’s Tenth Wedding Anniversary this morning. Richard had one cell phone reaching Jonathan in New Jersey, while I had the other, reaching Seth in L. A.. All four bro’s were “in the same space” at the same time. Rick and I conferenced with Spiritual Interpreter Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand. This was a second follow-up. He was very supportive, and generous, renewing his invitation for the four brothers to join him at Pine Ridge and visit sacred sites in the Black Hills. His advice was freely given, and his spirit was for “Peace, Love, Harmony, and Equality.” Floyd emphasizes “walking quietly – respecting creation.”

We spoke of many things, including the movie being a springboard for people to mount their own spiritual journeys, and getting involved in coming back into balance with Great Spirit, and its creation. One way we would like to encourage people is to find out more about Natalie and Floyd’s Looks for Buffalo Foundation. This blog will add information as it comes available.

We went on to discuss Kabalah, prophecy, right brain thinking, and of course, White Buffalo Calf Woman.

“I looked at your project – at what you brothers are doing,” Looks for Buffalo says, “and I believe in it. It is time for the truth to come out.” Aho!

We are grateful to you, Leksi Floyd.

Yesterday, Richard and I had the pleasure of speaking with a Taino Elder, Spiritual Teacher, and Day Keeper of Mayan Calendar Miguel Sague.

Soon we will sit with Senor Sague to discuss his work, Imix (Yucatec Maya) or Imox (K’che Maya of Guatamala). The crew is assembling for this part of our odyssey.

Hopefully, facilitating the Condor of the South working with the Eagle of the North….

Earlier this week, Richard and I sat with Charlotte Lott, leader of the Three Circle Dance in Virginia Beach. This is an ancient dance said to help bring healing energy to the planet. She will describe the ceremony, and how people can participate in the White Buffalo Movie project.

This last weekend weekend we joined in a Peace Lodge to send prayers of healing to Japan, and the planet. Many people of differing ethnicities and race joined Native American brothers and sisters to learn and lend their energies to sacred ceremonies. Many thanks to Floyd W., Liama, Norma, and LaKota. Learned about the meaning behind the sweat lodge, the womb from which we come, and the sacred duties of the fire tenders.

There was an intense spirituality to the entire day. The final ceremony of the evening was a pipe ceremony. Do not inhale the smoke; “It belongs to the Creator – that which created you.” Since the Creator breathed life into human beings it is suggested you hold the smoke in your mouth, and infuse the smoke with your prayers. As you let the smoke go – the Creator sees your prayers as you give that breath back to its source. At the end of this ceremony, Richard and I were shown a staff. It was bow shaped, like a crescent moon or buffalo horns. Beautiful carvings adorned its lacquered surface; a frog for awakening, a wandering woman, a wise man, a ladybug, a snail, a serpent, and so many more. At the front emerged a large quarts crystal. It was a dramatic piece. We were offered a blessing by its holder. We humbly accepted. After this, we were gifted this unique piece to accompany us on our journey along with our brothers. We were offered the piece three times, and it was pulled away three times. On the fourth offer we took possession. This honors the four directions. It is to serve as a reminder to remain in service, and to provide wisdom, and protection. It will return home after our journey is complete.

Cross Atlantic teleconferences have taken place with Michelle and David Childerley. David teaches Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Michelle is an animal communicator, who actually performed a reading for us on Miracle, the White Buffalo born on a Wisconsin farm in 1994. Miracle passed on in 2004. Came up with some very interesting question, some of which we are sharing now. It also brought up many new questions to ask. We asked what her relationship was to the other white buffalos being born at this time? Miracle explained she was part of a group collective consciousness coming into physical reality at this time….

Question: Can you guide us in contacts with….

Answer: I will be there in essence; (always with us in spirit); you are capable and know what to do.

Busy week ahead….

Updated White Buffalo Poster Art

Brainstorming with Brother-Producer Richard. We met with Associate Producer Jonathan Tripodi, developer of the Body-Memory Process, and more brainstorming. Then we sat with Graphic artist, Gill Sveinbjornsson, yesterday. We came up with this.

CGI Wiz Adam Rote is working on teaser.

Monday, Richard and I are off to meet with Floyd in Maryland in search of Oglala Lakota spiritual interpreter, and author whose ancestry goes back to the days of Red Cloud and Crazy Horse.