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Several Atlantis Down stars took part in an ADR session today at Geoffrey Albach’s Cine-Emotion sound studios in Virginia Beach. Pamela Good, Kera O’Bryon, Darla Grese, and Anthony Ware lent their voice talents, while Max Bartoli directed the session. We were joined in studio by Director Leonardo Warner, who cameoed as a scientist.

These are either in the top ten or just some of my favorite entries. I will keep adding as they become widely available online.

Moon Monster Media – Unclean Hands – 2010 48HFP Entry from Daniel Karp on Vimeo.

Starring Josh Delviuk and Silvia Baldassini

Starring Teviya and Jon Abrahams

Waste Not, Want Not – A 2010 48 Hour Film Project Submission from Fareine Suarez and Chris Curl.

Genre: Drama

Required Elements
Character: Tim Thackery, Mechanic
Line: I’ve looked, and I can’t find it.
Prop: Cheese