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Atlantis Down

Ethan Marten – busy, busy, busy.

Sci-Fi fans, off to LA in morning finalizing “Atlantis Down” with MaXaM Business Partner and Director Max Bartoli. Pick up scenes to be shot, with Travis Quentin Young, Mae Flores, Greg Travis, and Dean Haglund. Interviews to be executed with the writers, and Michael Rooker. A family reunion literally and figuratively to be had. Life is good.

Co-starring in “The Perfect Breed”, a horror movie with vampires set against the backdrop of the Civil War. Then tapped to co-produce the movie. Vampires, witches, werewolves, war, pyrotechnics, underwater scenes, sword fights , FX…. What more could a boy ask for? Working with Director Scott B. Hansen, Writer/Producer Cyril Augustin, and Actor/Producer Brandon Cordon was sublime. Four funerals is highly conservative, but made a better headline!

Shot two other films back-to-back; “Don’t Mind Me”, and “Dog With Two Bones”. “Mind”, co-written by Nathan Galvez and Lauren De La Calzada , co-stars Marty Terry, Shawn Estridge, Justin Clements, Nick Ventura, Jonathan Reiger, Alexandria Clark, and newcomer (sure to be heard from) Zach Holder. Brandon Cardon produces, and seems to be everywhere these days! I play “Cave”, the reptilian part of our hero’s brain.

“Dog”, written by Joshua C. Mims and Directed by Randall K. Maxwell, co-stars “Atlantis Down” Star, Darla Grese. Darla gets to be the alien this time. Wedding bells, perhaps, for two interstellar crossed lovers?

Directed DreamZ (Documentary) for Sean Holder, and producing “Watermen” (shooting August, 2010) for Writer/Director Matt Lockhart. Casting to take place within a month.

Visit the IMDb for updates.

Bringing back from L.A. episodes 6, 7, and eight of “Atlantis Rising: The Making of Atlantis Down”.

That’s a wrap(up)!