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Episode 3 of Atlantis Rising premieres tonight, 10 p.m. on Cox Channel 11. Ask (no, demand) your Cox Cable affiliate air the episodes.

Ladies and gentlemen let us introduce to you all the SPACE SHUTTLE of the future: Space shuttle “Atlantis”. The new ship has been redesigned by our CGI genius Adam Rote and features a lot a new “toys”. For those of you who are asking when they will see more, the answer is…(unfortunately) you’ll have to wait a bit longer! Isn’t the suspense thrilling?



Watch Dolley Madison Monday, March 1 at 9pm ET on PBS. Dolley Madison lived through two wars, knew the first twelve Presidents, and watched America evolve from a struggling young republic to the first modern democracy in the world. At a time when women could neither vote nor participate officially in politics, Dolley Madison, wife of the fourth president James Madison, became one of the most influential and best loved figures of her day.



Feb 09, 9:00 pm
(60 minutes)
The Bureau
The Hunted
TV-14 (V), CC
Discovery ID

Two teens make an unsettling discovery: someone has been stockpiling weapons in hidden caches throughout the countryside. It isn’t long before an FBI agent connects the strange arsenal to a series of crimes that have baffled the bureau for over 20 years. Ethan Marten stars as Carl Gugasian.

Idyl King Entertainment presents the follow up video to their multiple award winning 48 Hour Film Festival entry, Sea of Trees. Here for your viewing pleasure is Chaz + Jones.

Chaz and Jones from Idyl King Entertainment on Vimeo.

Two Hitmen on April Fool’s Day.
Idyl King Entertainment’s entry into the 48 Hour HD Showdown, competing against the top 5 films in the country. The winner screens at NAB/Filmapalooza in Vegas this April. If only it was on 4/1…

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Required Elements:
GENRE – Buddy Film
PROP – Article of clothing that’s too tight
CHARACTER – Drew or Dana Campbell, Ad Executive
LINE – “You’ve got to be kidding me.”


Saw a short subject, Sea of Trees, written, shot and produced within 48 Hours by Idyl King Entertainment. Intrigued is putting it mildly. Wrote Screenwriters William Dresden and Grayson Wolfe to congratulate them on such a splendid piece….

This last weekend I found myself driving, giddy as it were, to Newport News in what was becoming a blizzard to take part in their follow up entry into the 48 Hour Film Festival, and a possible exhibit at NAB – Chaz + Jones. It was well worth the drive. No spoiler alerts needed. Suffice to say, this pic is another well-written bit o’ dark comedy, drama, and a buddy movie to boot. I was not alone in laughing out loud when reading the script. Pamela Good, one of the area’s premiere actors was heard remarking she observed the makings of young Coen brothers. Quentin Tarantino was mentioned a bit as well. Influences notwithstanding, it was obvious there was a lot of talent flying around the set. The production team was loose & easy going to be around, yet tight & efficient to watch in action. Always fun to be creative – even more fun to do it in a collective. Thanks Idyl for a thoroughly enjoyable collaborative experience. Photos Courtesy Idyl King Entertainment

48 Hour Film Project/Panasonic
HD Filmmaker Showdown


Valentine’s Day will be all the sweeter for MaXaM Productions with the premiere of Atlantis Rising: The Making of Atlantis Down. The behind the scenes show first airs February 14 on Cox Cable.

Atlantis Rising: The Making of Atlantis Down launches this Sunday in prime time. The show chronicling the behind the scenes of the sci-fi motion picture shot in Virginia will air at 10 p.m. on Cox 11 in the South Eastern Virginia market. To borrow from Ian Fleming, and Confucius: You only live twice; once when your project is born, and once when you watch it come to life again on television.

Hope you enjoy the journey as much as Max and I did. Scheduled air dates. Many thanks to cast, crew, Virginia Film Office, and a myriad of supporters.

Any town USA and America’s worst economic crisis serve as the backdrop for two Independents embarking on launching a Hollywood quality sci-fi motion picture and space adventure outside the Hollywood system. The countdown clock is already ticking for Director Max Bartoli and Executive Producer Ethan Marten. They are faced with quickly approaching deadlines and personal economic ruin – their space race is on! Climb on board and witness the triumphs and tragedies of these two brave hearts attempting to defy odds, raise money, build a space ship, cross language barriers, and strike deals to launch “Atlantis Down”.

Will their space adventure take off or come crashing down around them? Stay Tuned to “Atlantis Rising: The Making of Atlantis Down”.

2/14 Sunday @ 10pm
2/19 Friday @ 530pm
2/20 Saturday @ 1pm
2/21 Sunday @ 10pm
2/26 Friday @ 530pm
2/27 Saturday @ 1pm
2/28 Sunday @ 10pm
3/5 Friday @ 730pm
3/6 Saturday @ 1pm
3/7 Sunday @ 10pm
3/14 Sunday @ 10pm
3/19 Friday 730pm
3/20 Saturday 3pm