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Producers hope to create movie buzz with a reality show
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A replica of the space shuttle comes to life in a converted sound stage in Portsmouth, affectionately called Studio 463 – above Brutti’s. (L Todd… | The Virginian-Pilot)

By Mike Kernels
The Virginian-Pilot
© November 30, 2009


Locations have been chosen.

Sets are being built.

The 55-member cast and crew are almost in place.

Shooting starts Dec. 7 and ends Dec. 21.

And still, executive producer Ethan Marten of Virginia Beach wants to emphasize this about his low budget, sci-fi thriller “Atlantis Down”: “It’s a real motion picture.”

We believe you, if only because of the spaceship you’re building on a soundstage here.


Still, this isn’t Hollywood and Marten knows it. This is filmmaking on a shoestring, and he loves it.

There are no stars. No caterers. No five-star hotels. No first-class tickets. Not even a casting couch.

When you’re an independent filmmaker like Marten and Italian director Max Bartoli, even the sky has limits.

“For us, every day is two,” Bartoli

explains. “We all would love to be in Hollywood, but the reality is we are here with a limited budget.”

But money isn’t the only thing that fuels an indie film. There’s also passion. Idealism. Vision.

And most important: a unique idea to promote it….

Atlantis Down T Minus 8 Days…


Auditions for Men, Women, and Children.

November 16 in Virginia Beach.

Please have your agent contact this site to arrange for breakdowns, schedule and directions.

Actors will not be seen without an appointment, resume and picture.

Thank you, and Break a Leg.Atlantis-Down-Logo