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Okay, where do you go when you want to put together your audition tape on two hours notice? Two Peppers Productions to the rescue – again! Thank you, Wade and James!!




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Contact: Caroline Coronado

Date of Release: July 10, 2009 Obtain required press pass to be on Set
Filming on July 14, 15 and 16th Cell: 804-304-3777 Land: 804-752-7788
Subject: Michelangelo Email:

Westover Plantation, Charles City, Virginia

Historic Westover Plantation in Charles City, Virginia will be transformed into the Italian Renaissance
San Marco Gardens of Lorenzo De’Medici, known as IL Magnifico and inhabited by a young Michelangelo for
the filming of A Gift Divine by filmmaker, writer and Director Leonardo Warner.


Set in Florence, Italy in 1489, the intense 3-day filming of this historic 15th century period movie will take
place at the historic 18th Westover Plantation location on July 14th, 15th and 16th.
While Warner’s independent short film depicts young Michelangelo’s defining moment as
a sculptor, he fulfills his own personal dream of creating a film about “The Great Michelangelo”.
virginia-pilot-july-17-2009-a-gift-divinePress Release

Even more amazing is that a film project of this size, requiring period costuming and sets would
normally require an investment of upwards of $100,000.00 but in reality, Warner’s project is coming to life on a
shoestring budget. Leonardo attributes this to the fact that his passion as writer and director has been
contagious bringing on board Producer Alvaro Coronado, his wife, Caroline, and Director of Photography Eric
Hurt—industry professionals being supportive, believing in the goodness and timing of the project and
contributing their talents to create a great film for the audience.
When more than ever there is a need to create jobs, A Gift Divine, is proving to be an economic stimulus for the Commonwealth thanks to the concerted efforts of Leonardo, Alvaro, Caroline and Eric whose networking efforts are making this a divine gift “Made in Virginia by Virginians.” A Gift Divine’s cast and crew are from Richmond, Charlottesville and points east to Virginia Beach. Even the prop maker, makeup artist, casting director, craft services and suppliers, and locations are Virginian.

Although “Made in Virginia”, the plan for distribution is global. Leonardo and his crew plan to share
Virginia’s talents in a number of venues, displaying Virginia’s excellence in period costuming, hair, wardrobe,
set design, location, music & film.
When complete, this small independent film project will have trained young Virginian actors, employed
Virginian talent, provided hands-on experience for student interns from VCU, given added experience to an
film student from Randolph-Macon College, and provided opportunity and first-hand knowledge in directing,
lighting and editing to a career-changing adult RMC student—a film truly proving to be A Gift Divine.

An independent motion picture looking at the formative years of Michelangelo begins shooting in Virginia. A Gift Devine Director Leonardo Warner chooses Waverly Plantation as location for San Marco Sculpture Garden. Ethan Marten plays Bertoldo Di Giovanni – former student of Donatello. Bertoldo was known as a living master of sculture, and was appointed by Lorenzo De’Medici as the curator and head of his sculpting academy.