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Hey, Sundays Blue Box customers, and all you other out there, here’s your chance to become part of the Point! We’re shooting again this weekend – Saturday and Sunday nights, April 25 & 26. If you’d like to be considered as an extra on Tanners Point, send a recent photo and your contact info to:
A lot of you have been asking, “How can I get on the show?” Well, this could be your big break! Shooting runs from 7PM to midnight both Saturday and Sunday at the Sandbridge Road location of Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort – we need to know that you’re available for most of that time.
So, send us your pic with your contact data, and we (the show producers) will take a look. This is not a paying job – but an opportunity to be seen on Hampton Roads’ own reality show – Tanners Point!

From the Cube…Is this Life imitating art or the other way around?

Cube Extra: Be an extra on Tanners Point
Cube was surfing through MySpace this morning. (Yes. Cube monitors MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and any other social network where local people gather.) While I was surfing, I found this:


“Become Part of the Tanners Point Cast -….

Since I don’t believe everything I read, especially on MySpace, I sent out my feelers. Lo and behold producer Ethan Marten emails me directly. So guess what… it’s true.

The Editing is complete, and final render is taking place for the award winning Reality Show Tanners Point! For your first look at Episode 4 – stay tuned. Keep current on all things Pointed at the Official Tanners Point Website.jay-and-dennis-at-zen-hot-yoga