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MMRPJoin the incredibly talented cast and crew of A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, and A Prayer as they help battle violence against women.

The purpose of this performance is to educate, enlighten and entertain, says Denise Hughes, RippleAffect Productions Co-Producer. “Our goal is to see an end of violence against women and girls.” RippleAffect is working on this goal with performances such as this one at the YWCA of South Hampton Roads, and the funding of such programs as Women in Crisis Shelter Services, and Response Sexual Assault Support Services.

This performance piece was spawned from the Vagina Monologues, and developed by Award Winning Playwright Eve Ensler developed for V-Day Benefits. Her thoughts follow.

Words. Words. This book [this performance] is indeed about words. Speaking the unspoken. Speaking the spoken in a new and viable way, speaking the pain, speaking the hunger. Speaking. Speaking about violence against women not because it is the only issue, but because it is an issue that lives smack in the middle of the world and is still not spoken, not seen, not given weight or significance. So that words crack open numbness and denial and disassociation and distance and deception. Speaking so that we are in community, in conscience, in concern. Speaking about violence against women because in 2006, young Amish girls are gunned down in their school just because they are girls; women are trafficked like meat sold from poor neighborhoods to men in rich neighborhoods; women are raped in Darfur on their way to get wood for the fire or grass for their donkeys. In 2006 women are burned and mutilated and stoned and dismissed and undone and refused and silenced.

Speaking about violence because in early November 2006 the president of Israel stepped down after being accused of rape and harassment, and a cleric in Australia blamed uncovered women for getting raped. Speaking about violence against women because of your mother, your sister, your aunt, your daughter, your girlfriend, your best friend, your wife. Speaking about violence against women because the story of women is the story of life itself. In speaking about it, you cannot avoid speaking about racism and domination, poverty and patriarchy, empire building, war, sexuality, desire, imagination. The mechanism of violence is what destroys women, controls women, diminishes women, and keeps them in their so-called place. Speaking about violence, telling the stories, because in the telling, we legitimize women’s experience.

We reveal what is happening in the dark, in the basement, out of sight. In the telling, women take their power back. Their voice. Their remembering. Their future. As part of a two-week “Until the Violence Stops” festival held in New York City in the summer of 2006, we asked a group of remarkable writers to contribute memories, monologues, rants, and prayers on the subject of violence against women. We envisioned a pivotal event in which these monologues would be performed by great actors. We thought maybe, maybe, ten or twenty would respond. We were overwhelmed with contributions.

Each writer brought something so specific, so original, so Edward Albee it could only be Edward Albee, so Alice Walker it could only be Alice Walker, so Erin Cressida Wilson, so Michael Eric Dyson. We need writers in these terrible times of deception and manipulation and sound

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First Kiss (Mollie Doyle)– Lori Gibbs
Blueberry Hill (Christine House)– LaToya Morris
Banana Beer Bath (Lynn Nottage)– Doris Clark, Nicole Drexler, Sylvia Hutson
Groceries (Aboila Abrams)– Karen Levy Newnam
Bitter Coffee (Jody Williams)– Leigh Strenger
True (Carol Michele Kaplan)– Robert Hughes
Not By Her Choice* (Katie Pepiot) – Lyndabeth Bureau
Untitled (Nicholas D. Kristof)– Ethan Marten
My House Is Wallpapered with Lies (Carol Gilligan)– Lauren Burke, Madeline Cindrich , Asia Green, Emma O’Dell,
Respect (Kimberle Crenshaw)– T-Dub
Maurice (Kathy Najimy)– Denise Hughes
The Next Fantastic Leap (Elizabeth Lesser)– Natalie W. Baker