martin_dreyfuss21“I like to choose my words carefully so that people hate me for all the right reasons.” So began Richard Dreyfuss at the beginning of the 2009 ON Film Festival in Norfolk, Virginia. His Discussion quickly shifted from acting, which pays the bills these days so he can focus on civic activism. “I know some folks think I’m some kind of Hollywood Libbo…” he says to a smattering of applause, which elicited a trademark laugh. “I’m a Libbo, a Conservo, and a Middle of the Roado…” There has been way too much incivility in politics says Dreyfuss, labeling of political opponents for selfish gains, and “It’s killing the country.” When asked, he says to much laughter, “I’m as fair and balanced as Fox News.” More laughter ensues, “When Dick Cheney finally calls me to congratulate me on my performance” (of Cheney in W.) “I look forward to asking him if he knows the difference between being Vice President and a Lobbyist.” Says Drefuss, “I don’t think he does.”

Discussing the war in Iraq, Dreyfuss fulling condemning the Bush administration for an Unconstitutional, Imperialistic act is quick to extend blame. “They are not the true villains here” says Drefuss, “I am, you are, we all are. Where is our sense of moral outrage? We let this happen.” Dreyfuss’ mission these days is to raise money for his new foundation – The Dreyfuss Foundation. Money raised will be to teach civics, responsibility, and love of what the United States stands for. “The last great hope of Homo Sapien is the United States,” says Drefuss, “and I’ll be damned if i stand by and watch her destroyed without a fight.”