This Saturday’s New York International Independent Film and Video Festival reception at 2nd Avenue’s Pangea restaurant was a convenient walk across the street from the Village East Cinemas where Filmmakers, actors, and artists assembled from Japan, China, Austria, Botswana, South America, Italy, India, and all across the USA. Though interpreters were used to translate across language barriers – no translators were necessary to convey the passion and pride these Independents showed for each others’ work.nyiifvf-pix-5nyiifvf-pix-6
Spending time with Abel Ferrara, and fellow guest speaker Producer Rafael Primorac was illuminating. Primorac’s last film, Giallo, stars Adrien Brody and he is in currently in preproduction for a new Wesley Snipes action thriller.

“Work your film, all systems go – all hands on deck!” Primorac says, “When I began we spray painted the titles on the street to get noticed.” Primorac’s first film job was as a PA for the legendary and ever-Independent Writer, Director Sam Peckinpaw. “Peckinpaw was a craftsman. He gave his heart and soul – knowing what he wanted from every frame.” Pointing to his friend, Director Abel Ferrara, Primorac says, “Abel is a master of cinema…we will be working together on this action-adventure movie with Welsey Snipes in Europe. Filmmakers, focus on compelling stories – master the way of telling the story. Your film will find its audience.”

“Look around you,” Tanners Point Producer Ethan Marten suggested. “You have come from all over the world. We hope our words will inspire. However, right now you are each other’s greatest resource.” Marten continues “By this time tonight each and every one of you can be networked into the film markets of every continent just by shaking hands and exchanging a willingness to work for each other’s benefit with the people in this room. That is the heart and soul of the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.”

“I’m so proud to achieve this screening for India” says Producer/Director Krishnan Gomatam of Mudhal Mudhal Mudhal Varai (English Title isFirst Time). Gomatam’s movie one is one of twenty motion pictures selected by Indian Panorama from the more than 1,000 submissions to represent Indian films for international participation!

Festival Founder Stuart Alson nodded approval. “Where else can so many Independent, truly independent actors, producers, and directors go to network, and be seen and screened?” Ferrara and Primorac agreed. This was a worthwhile investment for all involved.
nyiifvf-pix-4Rex Motion Media and Tanners Point Producer Ethan Marten with Producer Raphael Primorac and NYIIFVF Marketing Guru Briege McGarrity. All photos courtesy NandoVision.