tanners-now-showingWhen arriving in New York one expects straight forward grit, and battery charging energy. The pre Sun image greeting you before Entering Holland Tunnel is a shadowy Lady Liberty keeping her vigil in the Harbor, and enough bright lights to rival any Broadway stage. The exit from the tunnel reveals Tribeca, and its neon reference to its namesake film festival.

Mercifully, the rain has stopped, because I intend to hoof it. This is New York – worth soaking up. I’m dropped off on East Broadway, and begin my walkabout through a sleepy, predawn Chinatown. The wind picks up, and it begins to snow. Hard. The shops are beginning to show signs of life. Mandarin begins to fill the ears as the community collectively wipes the sleep out of its eyes. The snow is whipping across my face as I half ramble, half trudge through The Village toward 2nd Avenue. Horns are starting to echo. Shouts careening in so many languages are filling the air – it’s a symphony of white noise. The smells of roasting foods, stiff coffee and soft pretzles are filling my lungs. The bitter cold is biting my knuckles (note: get gloves), and it feels so good to be back home.

There, on the corner of 2nd Ave and 12th Street – the historic Village East – the one time Yiddish Theatre and home of Man of La Mancha before going to Broadway. And look what we have here. The home of Tanners Point this weekend! Welcome to this year’s New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.