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New Tanners Point Promo On Air!

Tanners Point – Reality Never Looked So Good!

Announcements will be coming in the next two weeks for the winners at the New York International Film and Video Festival. So Far, Tanners Point has been nominated for Best Reality Show, Best Ensemble and Best Soundtrack.
nyiifvf-pic1Tanners Point Screens at NYIIFVF 2009

martin_dreyfuss21“I like to choose my words carefully so that people hate me for all the right reasons.” So began Richard Dreyfuss at the beginning of the 2009 ON Film Festival in Norfolk, Virginia. His Discussion quickly shifted from acting, which pays the bills these days so he can focus on civic activism. “I know some folks think I’m some kind of Hollywood Libbo…” he says to a smattering of applause, which elicited a trademark laugh. “I’m a Libbo, a Conservo, and a Middle of the Roado…” There has been way too much incivility in politics says Dreyfuss, labeling of political opponents for selfish gains, and “It’s killing the country.” When asked, he says to much laughter, “I’m as fair and balanced as Fox News.” More laughter ensues, “When Dick Cheney finally calls me to congratulate me on my performance” (of Cheney in W.) “I look forward to asking him if he knows the difference between being Vice President and a Lobbyist.” Says Drefuss, “I don’t think he does.”

Discussing the war in Iraq, Dreyfuss fulling condemning the Bush administration for an Unconstitutional, Imperialistic act is quick to extend blame. “They are not the true villains here” says Drefuss, “I am, you are, we all are. Where is our sense of moral outrage? We let this happen.” Dreyfuss’ mission these days is to raise money for his new foundation – The Dreyfuss Foundation. Money raised will be to teach civics, responsibility, and love of what the United States stands for. “The last great hope of Homo Sapien is the United States,” says Drefuss, “and I’ll be damned if i stand by and watch her destroyed without a fight.”

nyiifvf-pix-7nyiifvf-pix-8nyiifvf-pix-28nyiifvf-pix-30nyiifvf-pix-26nyiifvf-pix-32nyiifvf-pix-13nyiifvf-pix-1Photos Courtesy NandoVision.


Tanners Point Screening at New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. From Left John "JT" Thomas, Ethan Marten, Henry Jaderlund, Patricia Avila, Margarita Romero, Jay Gates, and Leah Starkey


This Saturday’s New York International Independent Film and Video Festival reception at 2nd Avenue’s Pangea restaurant was a convenient walk across the street from the Village East Cinemas where Filmmakers, actors, and artists assembled from Japan, China, Austria, Botswana, South America, Italy, India, and all across the USA. Though interpreters were used to translate across language barriers – no translators were necessary to convey the passion and pride these Independents showed for each others’ work.nyiifvf-pix-5nyiifvf-pix-6
Spending time with Abel Ferrara, and fellow guest speaker Producer Rafael Primorac was illuminating. Primorac’s last film, Giallo, stars Adrien Brody and he is in currently in preproduction for a new Wesley Snipes action thriller.

“Work your film, all systems go – all hands on deck!” Primorac says, “When I began we spray painted the titles on the street to get noticed.” Primorac’s first film job was as a PA for the legendary and ever-Independent Writer, Director Sam Peckinpaw. “Peckinpaw was a craftsman. He gave his heart and soul – knowing what he wanted from every frame.” Pointing to his friend, Director Abel Ferrara, Primorac says, “Abel is a master of cinema…we will be working together on this action-adventure movie with Welsey Snipes in Europe. Filmmakers, focus on compelling stories – master the way of telling the story. Your film will find its audience.”

“Look around you,” Tanners Point Producer Ethan Marten suggested. “You have come from all over the world. We hope our words will inspire. However, right now you are each other’s greatest resource.” Marten continues “By this time tonight each and every one of you can be networked into the film markets of every continent just by shaking hands and exchanging a willingness to work for each other’s benefit with the people in this room. That is the heart and soul of the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.”

“I’m so proud to achieve this screening for India” says Producer/Director Krishnan Gomatam of Mudhal Mudhal Mudhal Varai (English Title isFirst Time). Gomatam’s movie one is one of twenty motion pictures selected by Indian Panorama from the more than 1,000 submissions to represent Indian films for international participation!

Festival Founder Stuart Alson nodded approval. “Where else can so many Independent, truly independent actors, producers, and directors go to network, and be seen and screened?” Ferrara and Primorac agreed. This was a worthwhile investment for all involved.
nyiifvf-pix-4Rex Motion Media and Tanners Point Producer Ethan Marten with Producer Raphael Primorac and NYIIFVF Marketing Guru Briege McGarrity. All photos courtesy NandoVision.

tanners-now-showingWhen arriving in New York one expects straight forward grit, and battery charging energy. The pre Sun image greeting you before Entering Holland Tunnel is a shadowy Lady Liberty keeping her vigil in the Harbor, and enough bright lights to rival any Broadway stage. The exit from the tunnel reveals Tribeca, and its neon reference to its namesake film festival.

Mercifully, the rain has stopped, because I intend to hoof it. This is New York – worth soaking up. I’m dropped off on East Broadway, and begin my walkabout through a sleepy, predawn Chinatown. The wind picks up, and it begins to snow. Hard. The shops are beginning to show signs of life. Mandarin begins to fill the ears as the community collectively wipes the sleep out of its eyes. The snow is whipping across my face as I half ramble, half trudge through The Village toward 2nd Avenue. Horns are starting to echo. Shouts careening in so many languages are filling the air – it’s a symphony of white noise. The smells of roasting foods, stiff coffee and soft pretzles are filling my lungs. The bitter cold is biting my knuckles (note: get gloves), and it feels so good to be back home.

There, on the corner of 2nd Ave and 12th Street – the historic Village East – the one time Yiddish Theatre and home of Man of La Mancha before going to Broadway. And look what we have here. The home of Tanners Point this weekend! Welcome to this year’s New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.

Organizing Festival Rides

Update for Cast and Crew.

Ethan has room for two in his car – leaving Friday morning, March 20th.

If you need a lift – comment here, message Ethan Tanners Point TM, facebook or call the office -757-644-6708.

Patricia has a full car.

Jay is looking for a Saturday ride.

Who else is driving when?

Let’s coordinate our efforts.

Discussing Rides to the NYIIFVF on Set of Tanners Point.Photobucket

Kap’n K9 Goes Public!

Kap’n K9’s a man – or a canine anyway – and he can take it. Go on, give it your best shot, but no hitting below the belt. And for you girls and metrosexuals out there who do Facebook and MySpace and Tagged and Geni and all that other cr@p – put Kap’n K9’s blogsite – – up there and send your friends, foes, ho’s, and mo’s to a place where they can be truly offended. The Revolution starts here and – since Kap’n K9 is a staunch supporter of equal rights – let us recall what Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver (no relation to Beaver) responded when asked what the position of women in the Revolution should be: prone!

Start from the bottom up and follow a pilgrim’s progress. The Kap’n wants comments and criticism: positive or negative; light or dark; yin or yang; white or green; Jew or Gentile; human or cetacean; happy or desolate; rich or poor; man or mouse; vegetarian or lacto-ovo-omnivore; Type A personality or genuinely psychotic; gulping Klonapin or swallowing Prozac; O-type blood or AB+; master or slave; male, female, or whatever…

“Now go and do likewise, gents. The money’s out there. You pick it up, it’s yours. You don’t, I got no sympathy for you.” – Alec Baldwin, Glengarry, Glen Ross

I just wanted to let you know that the photos are done and you can view them on my website. Click on the ‘Client Photos’ link and then on Tanners Point link.
Please let everyone involved in last nights affair know that they can see the photos now. We will be putting together a little video of last nights events.

Best Wishes,
Pablo Custodio/Digital Images by Pablo

Additional photos have been posted by Photog Chris Mangune. Keep visiting as he will be continually posting additional shots from the Tanners Point Launch Party

“Thanks for having me at the show! Enthusiastically” – Chris Mangune

Chris, We’re glad you were there.


Tanners Point has its New York Premiere this Sunday at the historic Village East Cinemas during the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. Screening time is Noon, March 22 on screen 6. If you would like to join the cast, crew and producers for this occasion contact Rex Motion media, and we’ll hook you up. The NY festival is one of the largest film and video festivals in the World, screening more than 150 movies at this year’s festival alone.abel-ferrara-stefania-rocca-j-pegNYIIFVF is proud to have Abel Ferrara as President of this year’s festival. Ferrara is a highly decorated Director having won major awards for his films such as King of New York starring Christopher Walken, and Go Go Tales with Bob Hoskins & William Dafoe.

Tanners Point Official Site Now Live!

Tanners Point Official SiteHere’s the Official Tanners Point Website. Enjoy Episode recaps. Vid clips and special extras. Keep up with all the news about the Cast, Crew and Sundays Blue Box Specials. Hey, you might even be on Tanners Point – stay tuned.

The New reality show, Tanners Point, part reality, part mocumentary, part sitcom got some real festival news. It is now an official selection of the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. The show screens March 22 at the Village East Cinema.

Click on Film Schedule/Tickets.
Click on Sunday.
Click on Screen Six.
Click on Tanners Point.


The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (NYIIFVF) is one of the largest independent film festivals in the world.
The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival was founded in 1993. NYIIFVF has been recognized by the film and entertainment industry as one of the leading film events on the independent festival circuit. The festival hosts film, music and art events in the two entertainment capitals of the United States: New York and Los Angeles.

NYIIFVF attracts many global entries, including: Australia, Brazil, Sweden, Kenya, Japan, Canada, France, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Colombia, Russia, Germany, Spain, India and the U.K.
The scope of the festival ranges from high profile to novice, so one experiences an array of films and individuals driven by independent movie making.

Past NYIIFVF festivals have included the work of Abel Ferrara, Andy Garcia, Calista Flockhart, Selma Blair, Ewan McGregor, Dominique Swain, Busy Phillips, Cameron Diaz, Christopher Walken, Daryl Hannah, Eva Herzigova, Guy Pearce, George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Modine, Rod Steiger, Tippi Hedren, Tony Danza, Willem Dafoe and Executive Producer Vin Diesel.

The NYIIFVF is a competitive event and is dedicated to making things happen for emerging filmmakers and screenwriters. The festival has cultivated excellent relationships with thousands of companies in both cities.

The festival is known as ‘the voice for independent film’ and receives extensive coverage in all major media. The NYIIFVF has received press coverage in: Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Fox 5, CNN, New York Observer, New York Times, Newsday, LA Times, LA Weekly, Time Out NY, E News, NY Daily News, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Movie Maker, Star Magazine, Screentalk Magazine, to name a few. As indie guru Abel Ferrara famously quoted in an interview with Movie Maker, “This festival is the real deal; everybody else just talks about doing it and these guys just do it.”

The festival represents a new wave of independent filmmakers and offers a unique opportunity for members of the film industry as well as delegates and attendees without the pretentiousness. According to popular Micro Cinema Magazine’s editor Dave Sardella, “For any aspiring musicians, producers or directors the NYIIFVF is the place to have your projects seen and reviewed by the best of the best. This world renowned festival can be the launching pad to a successful career.”

The festival’s distribution wing, ITN Distribution travels to all major film and television markets and has successfully acquired and sold quality product from all over the world. ITN Distribution has quickly established itself as a major player in the world of distribution and specializes in negotiating the best deal possible for international and domestic filmmakers and buyers. ITN’s objective is to become a top source for attracting, acquiring, understanding and selling product and their international presence at Cannes/Marche du Film, NAPTE and AFM has shaped a realistic approach to selling, programming and closing deals with buyers worldwide.

The Village East Cinema, located at 181-189 Second Avenue, opened in 1926 as The Yiddish Art Theater in the heart of New York City’s Jewish Rialto district. Designed by prominent Brooklyn lawyer and Jewish community leader Louis Jaffe, the historic building was built as an elaborate, 1265 seat live theater for Yiddish theater pioneer Maurice Schwartz. The interior was designed in the Moorish Revival style that was popular in synagogues at the time, and included a forty-foot ornamental ceiling with a spectacular Star of David in the center that is still present today.

The Yiddish Art Theater housed elaborate productions from Maurice Schwartz and his troupe, such as “The Tenth Commandment” (1926) and “Yoshe Kalb” (1932) which ran for a record 300 performances. Schwartz’s loyal following and festive, imaginative plays attracted such renowned guests as Albert Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, George Gershwin and former New York City mayor Fiorello LaGuardia.

The building went through several names and incarnations throughout the mid-1900s, including The Stuyvesant Theater, a film exhibition house, and a stint as the East Village landmark The Phoenix Theater, where it housed such productions “Oh! Calcutta”, “Grease”, “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”, “The Princess and the Pea” and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”.

In 1992, the theater was restored and converted into the Village East Cinema, a beautiful, seven-screen movie theater. Its sprawling, ornate main auditorium features stadium and balcony seating as well as an oversized screen, and the theater remains one of New York City’s best places to see a film. The upper and lower lobbies of the theater were beautifully renovated in 2006 and feature new concession stands and comfortable couches and lounge areas.

The Village East Cinema features an eclectic mix of programming, from commercial blockbusters to the finest in independent film. In addition to premiering many independent films, the Village East Cinema, which is located 10 blocks north of its sister theater, the renowned Angelika Film Center, frequently continues the engagements of many of the films that open at the Angelika.


Join the Tanners Point Cast & Crew to watch the television premiere of Tanners Point at the Launch Party, March 15th at Peabodies in Viginia Beach!