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Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort Takes to the Small Screen

By Carolyn Killewald

One thing that leaders in every industry have in common is the uncanny ability to think outside the box.
It was this special gift that put Salon Owner Dennis Liggon in the position he is in today. The owner of ten successful tanning salons is planning the premiere party for his new reality television show, which is set to air on March 15. The new TV show called Tanners Point, with a positive outlook on tanning and a smart balance between entertainment and documentation, aims to be a crowd-pleaser….


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Nearly 500 people crowded into the Wynham Hotel on Virginia Beach’s oceanfront to attend the Tanners Point Red Carpet Gala Event. The evening included a fashion show by April Spring’s “Foxers.” Highlight performances were turned in by Jay Bellamy, Jackmove, and The Atlantic, whose song “What’s the Point” serves as the show’s theme.

Shooting for another upcoming episode of Tanners Point took place during the show’s VIP Red Carpet Event. Even an impromtu press conference announcing the signing of a deal for a new reality series based on Brother-Sister Nascar Drivers Tiffany and Cliff Daniels!

Execution surpassed expectations as the evening more than lived up to its promise. Attendees ranging from cast, crew, and the Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort team to WTKR, WVEC, WAVY, FOX News, The Virginian-Pilot, The Daily Press, AP, and The Virginia Film Office, Virginia Beach City Council Members and publishers of the tanning industry’s top publications all celebrated together.

Helps that the food and Verve were top notch as well. Gotta feed those hungry cast, crew and media folks 😉

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News Release
February 22, 2009
Contact For Further Information: Ethan Marten

Rex Motion Media Announces New Reality Series
Based on Real Life Sister-Brother NASCAR Drivers
Agreement for Second TV Series Developed and Shot in Hampton Roads

For Immediate Release: Virginia Beach, VA: Less than two weeks after wrapping principal photography on initial episodes of its first reality series, Tanners Point, Rex Motion Media announces the signing of a deal to develop and produce a reality show based on sister-brother race car drivers Tiffany and Cliff Daniels of Smithfield.

“Rex Motion Media is revving up its engines to deliver the real life drama of the Charlie Daniels Racing Team,” says Producer Ethan Marten. The television show will chronicle the daily stresses and struggles, excitement and tension of climbing the ranks in the competitive NASCAR circuit.

“This racing family is a dream for any large company with visions of sponsorship, a company looking to appeal to the coveted NASCAR market,” says Marten. “These young drivers are attractive, well-spoken role models – Tiffany with her degree in mechanical engineering, and Cliff currently pursuing his degree in the same field. The team was made for the track and for the screen. This show is guaranteed to move at 180 MPH.”

“People don’t realize the preparation and the dedication it takes to reach the pinnacle of the race car world,” says Tiffany and Cliff’s father – president of the racing enterprise – Charlie Daniels. “It’s not enough to be a talented driver,” Daniels says, “you have to have the education, dedication and the unstoppable drive to reach the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

“This is an exciting opportunity for the Daniels Racing Team,” Daniels says, “especially with Rex being a home track production company.”

“The Rex team is thrilled,” Marten says, “to have found another groundbreaking television production to drive us into 2009. We’re confident this reality show will be a positive, inspiring winner!”

– 30 –
For additional information call Ethan Marten at REX Motion Media: 757-644-6708

What’s a Zombie to do? Can anybody tell me where a Zombie can get a good Tan at a great price these days? Sure, cracking flesh and peeling skin can be so horribly unappealing. That’s why all the undead eventually stumble into the D’Light Zone – Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort!

Look for Tanners Point on Cox Channel 11 or go to the Official Tanners Point Website for listings, extras or to find out how to appear on a future episode.

Tanners Point is a production of Rex Motion Media, presented by Sundays Blue Box
Tanning Resort.

It doesn’t always take blood to satisfy a Vampire. Take Glampira, here. She couldn’t even drink light beer! How could she possibly get that tan she always desired? Glampira says, “Fangs a lot, Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort.” Look for Tanners Point on Cox Channel 11 or go to the Official Tanners Point Website for listings, extras or to find out how to appear on a future episode.


Rex Motion Media unveils the new Tanners Point poster. Tanners Point, the new reality series, debuts on Cox Cannel 11 on March 15 at 10 p.m. Check the Tanners Point Web Site for additional viewing times, cast interviews, and information on how you can appear in future episodes.

Tanners Point Makes Fox Reality News!


Tanners Point Makes Fox Reality News!

Tanners Point - The Poster!

What's the Point?

The Party Girls of Tanners Point!

Tanners Point bulletin. These girls are all thumbs! News travels fast through the Party Girls Mobile Texting Network!

Party Girls - Tanners Point

Party Girls – Tanners Point

Tanners Point Hits the Newspaper

‘The actual reality show is the making of a reality show, which is nothing close to reality’

Virginian-Pilot Article


Executive Producer Norvell Rose on Set of Tanners Point