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A possible collaboration is in the works between Clothing Designer All Star Life, Rex Motion Media and Sundays Blue Box. ASL is negotiating to provide a line of clothing for the upcoming reality series being produced by Rex.

All Star Life's Dereck and Eddy

All Star Life's Dereck and Eddy
All Star Life's Tobey

All Star Life's Tobey
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  • Rex Motion Media and Studio Center Set Production in Motion for Sundays Blue Box 2009 Campaign Spots

    Norvell Rose and Dennis Ligon

    Norvell Rose and Dennis Ligon

    Rex Motion Media President Norvell Rose and Sundays Blue Box CEO Dennis Ligon at meeting with Studio Center representatives.

    Dennis Ligon spent a full day at Rex Motion Media today, rolling from one meeting to the next. Studio Center Prime Minister of Sales and Marketing for Video Nina James was joined by Producer Brian Bartusiak to help present the latest commercial concepts for Sundays Blue Box Tanning Salon. It was theatre in the round for Dennis as he got the live show and television tribute. Production of the new spots will take place the week of January 12!

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  • Stay Tuned – Announcing Crew this Monday for New TV Series

    Rex Motion Media is fast forwarding Pre-Production of its new television series. The Hampton Roads-based media company will have assembled its crew for the new series to be shot in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and other locations throughout Southeastern Virginia.

    We’re creating an enhanced reality experience. What does that mean? It’s a hybrid of sitcom, reality, docudrama, and behind the scenes. And, what does that mean? You’ll have to keep your dial tuned to this blog to find out!

    As for casting, final decisions are being made – even as we blog!

    Any tokens of your esteem and appreciation may be sent to Governor “Blago” Blagojevich in our Chicago offices.

    Beach Sunrise

    Shooting in Virginia Beach will be a tough, and grueling experience for Generation REX(tm), but hey, someone's gotta do it!
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  • Third day of Auditions Thursday, 12/18/08

    We will be seeing actors between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.
    Call for your audition slot.

    Answering Machine
    Deceptively impersonal
    Don’t worry, leave your message at the beep.
    We’ll call back tomorrow if you leave (and answer) your cell phone.

    Headshot and resume

    Rex Motion Media
    Suite 102
    1642 Pleasure House Road
    Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455

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  • Mickey Rourke is Comeback Kid in – The Wrestler

    Looks like Mickey is back. Glad to see he is getting attention for his “on screen” performance!

    Director Darren Aronofsky-The Wrestler

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  • Second Day of Auditions 13 December

    Wrapping up the first day of auditions, and looking forward to tomorrow. The Rex Team saw many talented professionals, and lots of fresh, and energetic hopefuls.

    Didn’t think we would be rolling as much tape, but there was so much worth while to capture. Thank you all for your enthusiasm for the project, and what youbrought to the audition process.

    Most showed on time, and Rex was able to get people in on time and, amazingly, out on time. Hopefully, no one felt rushed. Thank you to new Rexers Tess Whittaker, and Recel Bregaudit for keeping Norvell, Sarah, Emile, and myself on perfect time.

    The interviews for crew have been amazing. Generation Rex couldn’t be happier with the turnout and the quality of candidates.

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  • Rex Motion Media Announces Crew Interviews and Auditions for Reality Series

    NEWS Release
    8 December 2008

    Contact For Further Information: Sarah
    Phone: 757-644-6708

    Rex Motion Media Announces Auditions for Reality Series
    Show to be Shot in Hampton Roads Now in Pre-Production

    For Immediate Release. Virginia Beach, VA:

    Lights! Camera! Tan! Hampton Roads-based REX Motion Media (RMM) announces auditions to be held this Friday for a half-hour reality series to be shot in and around Hampton Roads. The show is now in pre-production.

    “We’re seeking fresh, energetic, young talent to cast in this new reality series,” says REX Motion Media President Norvell Rose. “It’s a fun and funny, PG look at the Hampton Roads tanning lifestyle.” Friday auditions take place at the REX Virginia Beach offices, and the company is considering men and women aged 18 – 30.

    The crew is being assembled from top local technicians, and principal photography is set to begin January 2 throughout Hampton Roads.

    Scheduled auditions will be at 1642 Pleasure House Road, suite 102, in Virginia Beach.

    To schedule an audition or for further audition information, call Sarah at REX Motion Media: 757-644-6708.

    – 30 –

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