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Why Haven’t I Gotten Sick this Year?

Okay, lots of production going on so it’s time to start taking the supplements again! So I’m enjoying Verve. Hey if it’s good enough for famous Doctors….

Mangosteen — look it up, baby. This is good stuff!

REX Motion Media, a television/video production company and advertising agency headquartered in Hampton Roads, is seeking lighting and sound technicians for an upcoming Independent TV project.

Lighting tech should have own multi-instrument package and the ability to run and gun. Sound tech will need to provide full sound package, including boom(s), and be able to mix off his/her hip.

Pay will be commensurate with ability, experience and equipment.

First day of production is slated for end of December, in and around Hampton Roads, and will continue for up to 20 days, spread throughout January, probably into February.

Interested parties should send resume, contact information and availability to immediately.

Sessoms Stands With Obama?

The Times They Are a Changin'

A hard fought Virginia Beach Mayoral Campaign is ending with controversy. What could have been a final victory lap for Mayor Meyera Oberndorf in this hotly contested four person race is now a tarnished vicotory for Will Sessoms. This is a very sad way to end the election.