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Her Shoes!Click here for this week’s top video clips

Running Shoes!Click here for this week’s top video clips

Running Shoes!Mayor Meyera Laces Up Her “Running Shoes”
for New TV Ad Campaign on CNN, MSNBC and BET

Wearing her now “trademark” red high-top shoes, Virginia Beach Mayor Meyera Oberndorf is putting her best foot forward in an edgy new television advertising campaign. Oberndorf declares the eye-catching red high-tops to be her “Running Shoes” and invites viewers to “stand up, step forward and continue the progress” in Virginia Beach.

Oberndorf is seeking re-election to the mayoral post she has held since 1988. “The red shoes,” says Oberndorf, “are a symbol of my love and passion for this great city and show that I’m still energetic and young at heart. They’re also a wonderful way to connect with a new generation of younger citizens who will be voting for the first time.”

Mayor Oberndorf wears the distinctive red canvas shoes to all her campaign events and appearances where, she says, people have taken notice and responded positively. “That’s why we decided to take the red shoes campaign to television,” explains Oberndorf’s husband and campaign manager, Roger. “Everyone knows that Meyera is always on the go as Mayor. This will show that she ‘walks the walk’ and is ready to take bold new steps to move Virginia Beach forward.”

The incumbent’s symbolic red shoes are intended to address issues and aspects of all her opponents’ campaigns for Mayor. Oberndorf is running a lean campaign that doesn’t rely on a massive war chest. The youthful shoes appeal to and energize young voters; and they show that Oberndorf is not a big spender and knows how to maximize the impact of every dollar.

In addition, they are the Mayor’s brightly colored “sign” that she is in the race and running hard to win. “I don’t use yard signs because I don’t want to clutter our beautiful city,” asserts Oberndorf. “So, you could say that my red shoes are really ‘green’ because they’re an environmentally friendly way to promote my candidacy.”

The Mayor’s new 30-second TV ad can be seen on a number of channels, including CNN, MSNBC, BET, HGTV, and Lifetime.