(Excuse me folks if you’re already reading this. I’m still writing editing, but I’m posting so as not to lose any of this.  At this stage, I’m so tired, I have little control over the fingers that could send what little blog there is right now — into the netherworld of unretrievable data.)

Little time for sleep.  My eyes feel like two lead balls, and the effort it’s taking to keep them in the sockets is tremendous!  Not too many others sleep during the festival either.  Though as it winds on — I notice more bobbing heads.  There are many resources to take advantage of, and contacts being made.

The festival is going gangbusters — Star Circle Pictures is proud to be a participant and have SAMARITAN as an official entry.  The NYIIFVF Premiere of “Samaritan” has been a tremendous success.

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Hitting the streets and pounding the pavement…a violent day of hawking “Samaritan” at the New York International Independent Film Festival!

There were some minor glitches in last night’s Premiere; nothing that couldn’t be overcome by a festival staff with a can do attitude — a staff wanting the best outcome for each moviemaker.  It was almost  like a Marx Bros. movie for a moment — which made me, “SAMARITAN” family members Jonathan (Marten if you have been keeping the thread from the previous blog), Tanya (you’re gonna have to read that blog!), Sheri Beyrau, Kathlin Gordon, Russ, and Victoria Smith feel perfectly at home with the Martens.  I keep thinking about the in one door — out the other from “Room Service”.  Really, the only thing we were missing was Margaret Dumont! 

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The 2nd Story Gang reunited:  Ethan, Sheri Beyrau, Russ (newest member), and Kathlin “Goat Mother” Gordon. 

We were originally scheduled for Screen 3 (door #1).  For technical reasons, the festival moved the screening to 5 (door #2), and then another quick tango into Screen 4 (#3!).  Most of my troopers have had years of improv experience under their belts, took the offering, and said yes!  Everyone got up good natured and shuffled off to 4.  The slight delay actually provided a few extra minutes for some key WCBS media caught in traffic to be on time (and for me to do my first stand up in years.  Hey, I think I even got a gig out it!).

The end result was a full and appreciative house, and a fantastic screening attended by Time Warner (many thanks to Jansylvette Rotger, Irina Miloslavski and Gabriel ((Zdravstvuite and Spasiba!)).  They’re editing already.  I wish you some sleep, but I know you won’t get any until after the 16th!

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“My name is Jimmy Carter, and I’m running for Producer.”  Developing the Pitch during the day:  “See the movie Fast Company Writer Adam Penenberg says is ‘remaking moviemaking.'”

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Improving the pitch by night…”Spike Lee says, ‘Better than Katz!’ Orson Welles says, ‘If I made just one film —  just one — it would have been Samaritan!’ ” Perfecting the pitch:  “Borat!  Screen 4 at 6:05.  Follow me!”

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Yo Brooklyn!!  “Samaritan’s” newest fans.  Ben, right, used to go to the Village East Theatres when just a pisher — way back when it was a leading Yiddish Theatre.  My brother, Richard was an usher here almost 40 years ago for original production of  “Man of La Mancha,” starring Richard Killey, before it went to Broadway. 

We were honored to have “El Barrio’ Director Melissa Eidson in attendence along with Editor Lucero Milchorena.  “El Barrio” is one of the movies one must target given so many choices at NYIIFVF.  Tonight, make your way to the Village East Cinemas — 189 Second Ave, corner of 12th St. (Jeez, I don’t even make you open a directory, can I make this any easier for you?) Screen 6 @ 6:10pm.  Now folks, they’re executing the screening of hundreds of movies.  Those screens can change if need be — so confirm “El Barrio” on Screen 6 when you get there.

Also attending “Samaritan” — all the way from Rome — we’re talking 25,000 Euros for the trip folks, Maxam Productions very own namesake and CEO Max Bartoli and Tabitha Bartolini (who handles marketing here in Manhattan).  His movie “Ignotus” set in 13th Century Italia is a festival highlight not to be missed. “Ignotus” is the story of a wounded Knight recalling the most meaningful moments of his life before his enemies find him to finish him off.  And, when all hope is lost….This is an award winning short in multiple categories including Best Acting, Best Short and Best Costuming.  “Ignotus” has been selected for more than 10 international festivals!

Max has a rare passion and integrity  — not only for his own work — but for the work of others.  He not only has earned the respect of his peers, but gives it freely.  He is a true cinefile in the best sense of the word.  No moviemaker has a better friend or champion.  Grazie, mi amici.

Catch “Ignotus” Wednesday, November 15, 8pm at the Village East Cinemas.  I’ll see you there.

Check out Maxam’s multiple projects at their site: 

JT Talent & Casting is not only a sponsor President John “JT” Thomas is a larger-than-life personality that belongs infront of the camera.  Only two problems: one, finding a screen large enough to contain his energy.  (JT — drink some chamomile so everyone can keep up); two, he’s an even better personal manager!  He’s been working this festival so hard — Ive had multiple directors come up and ask if he was Stuart Alson!  Et tu JT?  Here’s a quick hint to tell them apart if you’re just off the boat.  Stuart is the guy who is running around making sure NYIIFVF is a great success for the moviemakers.  JT is the guy with the glowing implant on the right side of head (don’t know why they call that blue thing a “tooth” when it’s coming out of your ear, but hey…) running around rangling everyone and making sure NYIIFVF is a great success.  Thanks for rounding up the troops for the premiere JT.

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Getting down to business with John “JT” Thomas at the NY International Independent Film and Video Festival Premiere of “Samaritan” outside the Village East Cinemas.

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Teaching JT how to cheat out to camera.  He learns quickly!

By the way, if you’re attending the festival you need to get a hold of Renata (I’m not going to tell you to read that other blog any more, but really…okay, just this once — Renata Lorenc).  She’s on the phone cutting deals and securing distribution all day.  It is not uncommon to see her perched on the floor, in a corner, next to the table negotiating on behalf of the entries.  Somebody — surgically remove the cell phone and make sure she eats something!

More to come!