Yesterday Michael Shwartz from Inside Business investigated our model for business investment.  That should be an interesting piece.  Just finished an interview with South Eastern Jewish News an hour ago.  Ended up being one of the toughest interviews yet.  No softballs here….

SEJN:  “How do you know this won’t be shlock?  You wern’t making Citizen Kane here!”

Turned out to be a very probing and productive process.  We were able to speak about the model we are constructing for development and production.  It is interesting to see how the financial side of our company and the creative have a wonderful symbiotic relationship. 

I like to think we create the conflict on screen for story and character development.  You won’t find that between finance and creative.  Everyone knows that great stories, well produced will work for the investor.  While at the same time — everything we have done with tech saves budget, and gives us more creative freedom.

Looking forward to Mr. Shwartz’s and SEJN’s coverage.