The second Digital Filmmaker article will be coming out any day now…. It’s getting real surreal! I feel like I’m outside of my own body watching these things happen to me, my friends and partners, and my family.

So April 11 has come and gone. Lovely evening. “Samaritan” was successfully previewed, and enjoyed by a lively audience. One of the amazing things about our featurette was that it went straight from the camera, to a P2 card, to our hard drive for editing. The movie never left our possession. Looked fantastic on the screen.

The panel discussion started out with a laugh. Nobody in the entire audience knew what to ask, so my brother Richard addressed one of our stars, Johnny Alonso with the first question; “Do you, as an actor, have a breath mint?” Johnny’s reply; “Why, yes…” After Rick got his, I passed them to co-stars Kelley Davis and D. D. Delaney in the audience, who, in turn passed them to the rest of the audience. I guess I owe Johnny a box of tic tacs! Anyway, no one seemed too bashful after that.

On the 31st Adam Penenberg contacted me for a story he is doing for Fast Company magazine. Adam is an author, a journalism professor at NYU, a former senior editor at Forbes Magazine, a serious investigative journalist (we’re talkin’ the real deal here), and most importantly — a menche from NY. Over the course of the next two weeks the principals and Adam had three interviews, and a private screening with partner Josh Levy and my brother Jonathan in NY. We’ll see if we make the final edit of his article.

Meanwhile, Photojournalist Hyunsoo Leo Kim shot Star Circle Pictures’

The Star Circle Pictures Team

first corporate portrait. Since certain members of the team are not exactly morning people…I am especially proud to announce that we were all puntual for Hyunsoo’s 8:45 am Sunday call time.

Producer/Partner Duncan Leung will be heading back to our Honk Kong office soon. Rick will be going shortly thereafter. Letters from Chinese officials extending a personal invitation for Star Circle Pictures to preview “Samaritan” and HD technology will follow. Curiouser and curiouser!