Welcome to Virtual Happy Hour brought to you by The creators and producers of The Unwritable Rant podcast! In week six Juliette Miranda, and David LaFaire presented Actor/Producer Ethan Marten…hey, that’s me!

We shared some amazing stories about the movie industry, working with Eric Roberts, and my “famous family”. Then my brother Jonathan joined us! THEN we get surprised when Eric Roberts (The Dark Night, Pope of Greenwich Village, Star 80) comes on live with us… what a treat.

A little preview…

Last question for Eric Roberts:

Q: What was your bravest acting choice?

A: “A wild, reckless Paulie in Pope of Greenwich Village; ‘They took my thumb’ monologue!

Q: What made Star 80 Director, Bob Fosse special:

A: “A white tiger,” those cats are rare.”

Reliving some of the family lore:

How Plan 9 From Outer Space got its original release! Did Acting/Directing Legend Ida Lupino predict the birth of one of the Marten Brothers? Which Marten Brother survived a milk-boarding trauma? You want details? What a cool time with friends and family.

If you couldn’t make it live catch it now!

Ethan Marten re-presents the key to the city of Sacramento to Muhammad Ali as then City Councilwoman Maxine Waters looks on with great amusement.

I was writing for the American River College weekly school newspaper, “The Beaver.” There was a press conference with Muhammad Ali, and California’s Lieutenant Governor Michael Curb. He was giving Ali the key to the city in the morning…. After the conference, when all the press had cleared (except me; I was a starving student, and there was still food on the tables! As ravenous as media folks are – this should have been an indication I was headed into acting right then and there!!), I noticed the key sitting on Ali’s table with the dirty dishes. I laughed, called my photojournalism teacher (Michael S. Williamson, who ended up winning a Pulitzer or two), and asked him if he would meet me at the state capitol. I was going to represent the key to Ali. He laughed; “Only you, Ethan.” We reconnoitered in the governor’s office!

We gathered with future CA Congresswoman Maxine Waters (we knew each other from my time covering city council beat), and she led me before the gaggle, to the front of Jerry Brown’s office for the honors. I had met Ali a few times before this in NY, and he was funny, a showman for sure, and actually very kind. I flashed him the key so he knew what was coming. There was a roar of laughter, from the press core. Ali started blushing. I “re-presented” it on behalf of the fair city of Sacramento, because The Greatest deserved to have at least two ceremonies so that it would be memorable enough to remember to bring the key home. He didn’t miss a beat; “I left it on purpose, because I found out it wasn’t real gold…I’ll make sure to take it with me this time.” He told me if I were 6 foot, I would have been in trouble. I responded with, “you’re fast champ, but not that fast.” Then I got to hang with him, Jerry Brown, Willie Brown, and Maxine Waters. Michael ran off to make deadline. Very memorable day!

Ali just kept shaking his head and laughing. Thank you for capturing this memory Michael, and for so many more serious works. You were a great teacher, by the way, and I use those lessons in composing shots for film to this day.

Photo by Michael S. Williamson

Happy Anniversary Atlantis Down

Ten Year Ago….

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Leomark Studios, a Los Angeles company that specializes in independent features, will work to get the film shown in theaters.

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Catching Up On My Chekhov!

Edits Continue On the White Buffalo Trail

On the White Buffalo Trail. Composing a shot at the Lakota Ranch during the filming of White Buffalo: An American Prophecy #whitebuffalo #documentary #indiefilm #Texas #ranch #indigenous #nativeamerican #turtleisland #lakota #calfwoman #whitebuffalocalfwoman #filmmaking #buffalo #firstnations #buffalonation #indian #1491 #sonycamera photo by Andy Mogg

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Several hours in the edit suite with Producer Richard Marten, and Editor Steve Strickland today. Charlotte Lott, and the Three Circle Dance were covered. Last week we worked on interviews that came on our trip to South Dakota, and Oregon.

Time to Take a Stand!

Listen to “The Cult Movie Show (with special guest Ethan Marten) Podcast 32” on Spreaker.

Eric Roberts Podcast Update!

Apparently, there’s a little curve-ball in the December 5 scheduled release of the Unwritable Rant podcast. According to the show’s producer; “The demand on Twitter, FB, slack chat, etc. has been so great that J (Juliette Miranda, show’s host) and I decided to release the episode on Saturday, Dec 3rd. Yeah… this has never happened to release before our traditional date but what the hell….”

Thanksgiving Message From the Producer